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Emily Hudson

Content Marketing Writer at YNAB

Meet Emily Hudson, our resident wordsmith and blog ninja with over 15 years of writing and editing experience across the web, from education to finance, wellness to luxury travel. As a writer for YNAB, she's on a mission to educate people about financial wellness and guide them towards saving for important life goals, like that dream vacation. Emily's talents go beyond crafting compelling content; she's a seasoned editor renowned for infusing even the most mundane topics with vibrant humor, evident in her witty dad jokes and meticulous typo-slaying skills. She's our very own Kill Bills-style editor (get it…bills?).

Beyond her professional life, Emily wears multiple hats as a certified yoga and meditation teacher, offering a soothing escape from screen time. With a penchant for early bedtimes, cozy weighted blankets, and gardening, she may seem like an 82-year-old at heart, but Emily is always ready for her next adventure. She lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, a nature-lover’s paradise, with her husband and two pets she treats as kids.

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