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My income is inconsistent

You might think it’s impossible to manage money with a variable income, but it might be the best thing you can do.

Gain total control of your money

Life feels like a bumpy ride when it seems like you’re always living between feast and famine. There's no sugar coating it—it's stressful to not know if you’ll be able to pay the bills next month.

We can’t change the fact that you don’t know exactly when or how much you will get paid, but we can teach you to organize your finances for less financial stress.

We’re here to help

We know inconsistent income can be a wild ride, but there’s a way to tame your unpredictable inflows and get your money under control. Want to know how? We’ll show you step-by-step.

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1. Try YNAB

Sign up for a free 34-day trial. Poke around a bit in our software and free content. Decide if you like us.
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2. Create your plan

We’ll help you set YNAB up so you can predict your spending and know where you stand.

3. Build security

Watch as your buffer builds and feel financially secure for (maybe) the first time ever.
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I mastered my variable income

I can handle day-to-day finances so much better. But even more important, I can prioritize longer-term savings goals and retirement.

You can manage money when your income is inconsistent

Kat was dealing with the wild rollercoaster of variable income. While managing money with sporadic paydays seemed like a beast she would never slay, she got a month ahead of her expenses and finally felt like she was in control.

What’s your money pain point? We can help!

Help! My income is all over the place!

You might think it’s impossible to organize your finances because you make wildly different amounts from one month to another. Here’s how to slay the variable income dragon.

Slay Your Variable Income

Help! How do I handle unexpected expenses?

Your car breaks down, or a medical expense comes up. These surprises are especially challenging with a variable income. What can you do? Turns out…a few things!

Manage the Unexpected

Help! I don’t know what I can afford!

When your income is up, it is tempting to feel like you can afford anything and everything! But when it is down, you are stressed. Learn how to toe the line.

Knowledge is Power

Practical tools for mastering irregular income

Read the Full Guide

This easy-to-follow guide will take you through how to manage money on a variable income.

Take a Free Class

Our teachers will show you how to plan no matter when you get paid next. Ask your questions and get answers in real time.

Learn the Method

Learn about YNAB’s Method for money management in this approachable, bite-sized video course.

Read the Series

This comprehensive eight-part series will take you through how to manage money on a variable income.

See real examples of people with variable income

We’re DINKs Making $133K/Year and Saving for a House

After living paycheck to paycheck for years, we started a budget to gain total control of our money, and now we're saving for a house.

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Want to dive into full-time RV living but wondering the details of the financials? See how a full-time RVer is making it work and thriving.

How I Took a Dream Vacation on a Variable Income

As a freelancer, I don’t have a steady income. Making this trip was a dream come true and paying for it with cash was the icing on the cake.