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Welcome, Wiley students!

We can teach you how to be in total control of your money, and give you the tools you need to reduce your dependency on debt now and pay it off lightning-fast once you graduate!

“With YNAB, I spent a year in South Africa getting certified as a safari guide.”

Janna, a dedicated YNABer, didn't just tweak her daily routine; she rewrote her entire story from Amsterdam city slicker to South African safari guide. Her journey is an example of how intentional spending can be the compass that guides you to your true north.

“With YNAB, I got Maui’d.”

When YNABers Brian and Leann decided to celebrate their union with a dream wedding in Hawaii, they knew things were getting pretty serious—and it was going to take some serious saving to enjoy a stress-free start to their new future. So to honor their commitment to one another, they decided to re-commit to YNAB... and the end result was a debt-free $30,000 dream-come-true experience and a happily ever after that started with working together to achieve their goals.

“With YNAB, I had a fully-funded fairytale wedding.”

As a devoted YNAB user and hopeless romantic, Carsen started saving for his dream wedding before he had a partner. When he met Ulysses, he knew he had finally found his happily ever after. Together they funded an extravagant fairytale wedding complete with a castle, costumes, and a vow to always use YNAB (yes, really.)

Who says you shouldn’t talk about money?

Not us. In fact, we believe the way the world thinks about money is, well, kind of broken. Financial advice is often predatory or patronizing, and talking about money is considered taboo in some circles. But our money is our life—it’s a reflection of our priorities and values, our wants and our needs, our work and our play. It shouldn’t be a secret! With intentional spending, you’ll start to feel good about where your money goes... and where it takes you.

It’s easy to get started

Be a college student

You have to be a college student to qualify for the free year of YNAB.

Provide proof of enrollment

The verification process will look different depending on your school’s location, but have a college ID card, transcript, or tuition statement on hand.

Redeem your free year

Once your student status is verified, you’ll receive a unique student invite to redeem your free year.

Because you need money for late-night pizza

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