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Teach the Method

Share YNAB with your community by teaching the four rules that simplify money management.

Who do you want to teach?

Anyone can benefit from the four rules, and we’ve developed class materials tailored to wherever they may be in their financial journey. You’ll be able to select which resource packet best fits your needs.

For your community

We have everything you need to teach YNAB to work colleagues, a networking group, or your friends and family.

A stack of books

For college students

College students face a unique set of financial circumstances, and we have a class prepared just for them.

For teens

It’s never too early to get started. Round up your teen and their friends, or teach this version to your high school students in class.

We have everything you need to share the four rules

Just download one of our resource packets and you’ll be set to host an event in-person or online with your community:

  • Full presentation slides structured to fit the class
  • An in-depth script for the presenter with FAQ section
  • Instructions for presenting in-person and online
  • College and teen versions available
A retro tv with the YNAB logo on the screen next to a stack of books and a microphone

Got questions?

This is a one-time class that lasts about 20-30 minutes, depending on whether you want to add anything or take questions at the end.

No, not at all! Your class will learn all about the four rules and we have resources for your group if they want to see YNAB in action afterwards.

Absolutely nothing! You’ll use about an hour of your time to prepare and present from start to finish.

Your group could be any range from 4 to 200+ and work really well.

Yes, please email Veronica at teachynab@ynab.com if you have more questions before getting started.