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Got Five Minutes?

No matter how busy and important you are, you can spare five minutes to be in control of your money. Consider it an investment in your future! (Seriously, though…)

So, How Much Time Do You Have?

Got Five Minutes?

If You Only Have Five Minutes...

Learn more about how YNAB works! Here’s how to start your budget on your phone in just five minutes.

Need Proof That YNAB Really Works?

Don’t take our word for it—changed lives speak for themselves. Like paying off $1500 in the first 30 days of using a budget. Or putting a full stop to overdrafting forever.  We’ve got stories in all shapes and sizes to inspire you in your own happily ever after.

Lunch Break Icon

If You Can Spare A Lunch Break...

Money doesn’t have to be super complicated. In less than one hour, you can begin budgeting your way to stress-free finances! Regardless of how you learn best—reading, watching, doing—we have a quick start tutorial for you.

If You Have A LunchBreak

Build Your Budget

You can read through step by step instructions or go through our Getting Started video at your own pace.

Learn the Rules

Ok—you have a budget! Look at you! Now we need to teach you a little bit about our Four Rules. Sure, our software is great, but the secret sauce, is combining the software with our four simple-but-life-changing rules. That’s where the magic happens.

Read about how and why the rules are the magic or if watching is more your jam:

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If You Can Survive An Evening Without Netflix...

A couple free hours can go a loooong way. You could get a quarter of the way through Game of Thrones (again), or you could finally face whatever money stress has been holding you back, learn how to be in total control of your money, and make a plan to start tackling your goals. When you’re ready to go a little deeper, we’re here.

Desperate to be free from debt?

Debt is the worst. It holds you back. It stresses you out. It hinders your ability to make good decisions and your future in general. Ugh. Debt. Now, what are you going to do about it? Pay it off! How are you going to do it? By budgeting! (We were chanting that like a cheer, just in case you want to go back and re-read it properly). You can pay off your debt. This is kind of our thing. This is what we do. Here’s how.

Watch, Read, Listen:

Dream of never fighting about money?

We’re not marriage counselors. But we do understand budgeting. And we’ve seen what it can do for marriages. No, we can’t tell you what behavior you’re exhibiting when you do A and your partner does B… but we can tell you what behavior will put your finances back on track. Your communication will improve. Your guilt will go away. Your anger will subside. And you’ll be dealing with your finances together.

Watch, Read, Listen:

Tired of the variable income rollercoaster?

You’re quite sure that “variable income” is synonymous with money stress. And so are we. You’ve tried to forecast. You’ve tried to budget. Nothing works. The good news (yes, there’s good news!) is there are a couple simple reasons why what you’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked. And better yet, some very specific solutions to change your relationship with money. We can teach you to be in control of your finances no matter how unpredictable your income.

Watch, Read, Listen:

Stuck in the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle?

Only 30% of Americans have broken the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. The other 70% are less than one paycheck away from financial disaster. So, how can you break free of this vicious cycle? YNAB will help you work toward living on last month’s income. It won’t happen overnight, but if you follow our rules, soon enough you will get there: what you make in January, you won’t need to spend until February, allowing February’s income to serve as a buffer, creating reserves, until at least a month later when you need to spend it. Once you experience the freedom, you’ll never look back.

Watch, Read, Listen: