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You Can Take Control!

How to Budget if You Don't Know When You'll Be Paid Again - Part 8

We can’t change the fact that you don’t know exactly when or how much money you'll bring in this month, but we can teach you to be in total control of the money you do have right now, and stress a little less about it. This eight-part series will teach you exactly how to budget successfully and make your money stretch, unpredictable income and all.

You weren't expecting to be in this position. It's not your fault. You didn't see it coming.

But for a bit of tough love (are you ready for it?): stalling, avoiding, ignoring, and/or dragging your feet just means more time that you feel out of control and stressed.

You tell yourself that getting back to a regular income will solve your money problems, but until you are in control, you are not in control. More money will not change your situation.

So, it’s time to get pumped up. You can be in total control of your money right now. Just when you thought this was the worst thing that could happen, here is the silver lining. And all you have to do is follow these four steps:

Step One: Give Every Dollar A Job

Be purposeful about the money you already have (resist the forecast!), assigning it to jobs that are most important. Start with immediate obligations and go from there.

Step Two: Embrace Your True Expenses

Regular expenses are only a portion of what you need to prepare for. Set aside money each month for your true expenses. You're shoring up for next month, and the month after that.

Step Three: Roll With The Punches

Things change? Change your budget. Life, like your income, is unpredictable. Your values may not change, but your priorities do, whether you like it or not. Change your budget, and you’ll stay in the game.

Step Four: Age Your Money

As you're able, actively set money aside for your essentials as far out into the future as you can. Build yourself a cushion of money and time and sleep better at night.

(Sometimes we call them “Rules” but either way the cycle is the same. And it works.)

Rinse & Repeat

You can repeat this cycle whenever money comes in–just because you were used  to predictable weeks and months doesn’t mean you have to stay locked into that mindset.

Keep following the steps, keep budgeting, and you’ll feel even more in control of your money than you did before.

Ready to give budgeting a try? Start today with a free 34-day trial of You Need a Budget. We’ve helped those with drastic swings in income gain total control of their money. See what all the fuss is about. What have you got to lose?

This is part of an eight-post series on budgeting when you don't know when you'll be paid again. See the full list here:

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You Can Take Control!