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Why Should You Buy You Need A Budget, the Book?

a.k.a., Why You Need a Book.

The word is out—I wrote a book. And, if you’re a seasoned YNABer, you might be thinking, “I’m a YNAB expert, I’ve been using YNAB for years. Why should I buy the book?

And that’s a valid question. YNAB has produced award-winning software and countless materials to walk you through our proven, four-step method. So, why did I write a book? Let me tell you, as an accountant by trade, I asked myself the same question countless times during the writing process—a difficult number of times to achieve when you're an accountant.

The answer is this: I've spent more than 13 years talking to people about their biggest money worries and their greatest (and truly formidable!) financial challenges. I'm proud of YNAB's Four Rules, our software, and all of the educational materials we've produced. We've helped hundreds of thousands of people totally transform their lives for the better!

And I want as many people as possible to experience the power of budgeting for themselves. In You Need A Budget, the book, I've captured everything that I know about using money to get something far more valuable: freedom.

Freedom, in a Book?

That’s right. In this book, you’ll get my best thinking around how to develop:

  • Motivation to start, again, if you’ve fallen off of the wagon. We’ve all been there. Welcome back!
  • A positive framework that will help you see money in a new, dare I say soothing, light.
  • A clear understanding of exactly how your budget will help you see (and access) so many more possibilities in your life.
  • Guilt-free spending habits—and why the right amount of 'wiggle room' is a very good thing!
  • Awareness that you're not a failure if you have debt. It happens, and it's bad for your budget ... but you are not bad.
  • Peace and harmony around money, if you're struggling to get on the same financial page as your spouse.
  • And even a way to talk to your kids about money—the way I've learned to talk to my own kids—that helps them truly appreciate the value of budgeting.

On top of it all, I just want to encourage you. Sometimes willpower wanes and, in this book, I hope you’ll find the inspiration that you need to keep going. I want you to get past your money obstacles and taste devour financial freedom. It is so sweet, and you deserve it!

Even If Your Budget Is Rock-Solid ...

I think, no matter where you are on your money journey, you'll find the book helpful.

Would it be overly dramatic to say this is my life’s work, all-encapsulated in an approachable, fun-to-read, this-would-make-a-great-wedding-present, learn-to-love-budgeting-all-over-again kind of way? It might be—but it’s my life's work! And I’ve seen these principles in action. They work!

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Why Should You Buy You Need A Budget, the Book?