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YNAB 4 Users: Ready to Upgrade?

The vast majority of people out there using YNAB have not heard of the new YNAB.

On Dec.30, last year, we launched our minimum viable product. And now, we feel like we have a fully viable product. We’ve worked out a ton of the kinks and have learned so much as it relates to launching a web app and updating it, and integrating it, and how all of that works with the builds, development, and QA, and how to release features and all the things we were excited about internally.

But on the external side of things, you may just be hearing about the new YNAB. So, I want to tell you a little bit about it:

More Control and Always Available On-The-Go

Where YNAB 4 is desktop software, the new YNAB is web-based. You can access it from any computer, anywhere, as long as you have a fairly modern web browser. If you’re using IE6, you need to get a different computer with a different browser on it.

The mobile apps do more than the YNAB 4 mobile apps but not a lot more—yet. (Mobile is our big focus now, that we have a little bit of a blank slate with the ‘minimum’ dropped off of minimum viable product.)

More Awareness With Bank Syncing

You can directly connect to your bank accounts, making it super easy to be consistent and stay on top of things.

More Achievement With Goal Tracking

The new web app has a Goals feature, that allows you to set a goal for every single category—how much you want to fund, what target balance you want to reach, how soon you want to do it. And it works tremendously well.

More Progress With Improved Reports

New and improved and more beautiful than ever.

So Many Extras!

We released some really fun stuff that isn’t at all critical, but we’re pretty excited about. Like an Apple Watch app. Oh, and emojis! Now you can add emojis in YNAB!

And Much More To Come!

Now that we have a viable product, we’re just really excited to keep plowing forward. We have so much in store and I’m just excited that we can get cracking on it. Right now, we are super focused on mobile. We want you to be able to do absolutely all your budgeting without ever touching your computer. Much to come!

YNAB 4 Users, We’re Talking To You!

It may be that you’ve been using YNAB 4 quietly and things are just humming along for you perfectly and that’s awesome. We’ll be officially supporting YNAB 4 through the end of the year, but honestly, as long as we reasonably can.

Upgrade + Lifetime 10% Discount!

We’d love to have everyone move over to the new YNAB. And to entice you, we’re offering YNAB 4 users, a lifetime 10 percent discount off the annual plan.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about the new YNAB, there you have it. Check it out. Run up the free 34-day trial. Import your YNAB 4 budget, see if you like it and we hope you’ll join us for all the fun!

If you can’t wait until next week for more whiteboard wisdom, subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you have a question or an idea you’d like us to address in a future Whiteboard Wednesday episode—we’d love to hear from you:

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YNAB 4 Users: Ready to Upgrade?