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Is Budgeting Worth It?

I just had to share this. A YNABer reports the following, after helping their friend get started:

For the first time in a very long time, he had a clear picture of where he spends his money, and more importantly, where he stands financially. The picture was not particularly happy-making, to be sure. But I could see the relief written all over his face. Finally, he knew what was happening in his financial life and could act from a place of knowledge and power. It was pretty amazing to see.

I know last time I wrote, I talked about the specific numbers — the “Value Proposition” of YNAB where you can expect a median financial turnaround of $3,300 after nine months.


What about the intangibles of being able to “act from a place of knowledge and power?”

What about sleeping better at night?

Being able to cope in a tough economy?

Not having to frantically take just “any” job — but the ability to take your time and truly find the right fit?

What about having communication in your marriage improve?

Or setting a much better example for your kids when it comes to money?

What about enjoying your vacation more because all of the money you’re spending is coming straight from your bank account?

And the satisfaction of delayed gratification? (You know, where you “save up” for stuff you want. I know. Crazy.)

What about acquiring enough knowledge about you and your money situation, that you can take that “risky” new position at that startup?

Or start your own business?

Cars drive better when they’re paid for.

Also–and this is weird–they break down less.

The intangibles of budgeting. Nothing to do with more money. Just money doing what it’s told.

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Is Budgeting Worth It?