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An Unlikely Love Letter to Budgeting

Dearest Budgeting,

We both know it was not love at first sight, but maybe that is part of what makes it so special now, all these years later.

When we were first introduced, I thought you were a pompous control-freak. I thought you were judgy and bossy. You were a buzzkill and I wanted nothing to do with you.

Of course, I was young and independent and all that comes with that. I had my sights set on being a #girlboss. I didn’t need a guy, and I certainly did not need a budget. I was all happy hours and jeans and girls trips—I was all about me—and I thought I was happy.

But slowly, there were little pricks of regret I couldn’t deny. I was stressed about money and I made plenty of money. I felt a little bit guilty—aware of my total defiance of anything resembling financial responsibility—and I knew that someday I would have to face the inevitable. I did not admit it to anyone, but I started to think about you.

I was maybe, a little bit interested in getting to know the real you—there had to be something more beyond that foul reputation you hide behind… I was cautiously curious…

And then I got into some trouble. It was only a couple thousand dollars, but to me, at the time, it was suffocating and overwhelming and I was scared. It felt insurmountable and suddenly, I didn’t want to be alone anymore.

And there you were. You were strong and consistent. You had a quiet confidence that was comforting and safe. And even if you were a little bit boring at times, I knew that you were in my corner. I felt like you truly saw me for all that I was and all that I could be.

You gave me confidence like I had never known. I thought that I was powerful being on my own, but once I experienced how powerful it felt to have you in my corner, it was intoxicating.

Now, it’s hard to remember where you begin and I end. We work together. We are better together.

Thank you for making me better.

Love always, even when it’s hard,


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An Unlikely Love Letter to Budgeting