July Podcast Roundup 2012

July was insane, because the launch of YNAB 4 was insane. But I still managed to get some podcasts out the door :)

  • What is YNAB Anyway? - In the wake of an eventful, learning-filled, stressful launch of YNAB 4…what IS YNAB?
  • The Most Important Number in Retirement - There's always lots of talk about your "nest egg" in retirement…and lots of sexy-sounding words when it comes to investing (ETF! Diversification!) but the most important number is the one that's never talked about.
  • When a Spouse isn't On Board - I'm no marriage counselor, but I do sell for a living, and I think you have to sell your Spouse on budgeting.
  • Success Story: Motivational Speaker Gets Motivated by YNAB - I interview Joe, a motivational speaker that was motivated to change his finances for the better. He's also started using YNAB in a very unique way -- and it has nothing to do with money!

I'm excited for the August lineup! We're going to be talking with a very well-known career and small-business coach, to get some of you thinking about the income line, instead of just the expense line :)If you want to subscribe to the podcast, you can do so over atiTunes.

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July Podcast Roundup 2012