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Try Our Free Budgeting Classes - No Catch

Join a workshop and master the art of budgeting with the help of an expert teacher.

If you're new to budgeting and want some help, try one of our free budgeting Q&A sessions. We believe anyone can learn to master their money and live without the financial stress that is the status quo for so many.

Here at You Need a Budget, we put education first. We’ve been offering free, webinar-style budgeting classes since 2009. In fact, we've taught over half a million aspiring budgeters to start on the path of total control over their money

Try a Free Budgeting Workshop

Our free budgeting classes come in the form of live workshops. There's plenty of one-on-one interaction (you can ask live questions!). If you've never had a budget before or need a refresher, try this learn-at-your-own-pace video course that will teach you the Four Rules for budgeting success.

Our teachers have been through the trenches. They know this stuff in their bones. Jedi Master level skills. No question too big or too small, because the goal is to help you succeed.

Our Budgeting Workshops Work

There is a togetherness in this smaller, more personal environment, which—turns out—is more rewarding for the teachers, and more helpful for the students. It doesn’t take a budgeting expert to call this a win-win.

Our research shows that people who attend a workshop are about four times more likely to be successful with You Need A Budget than those who don’t. So, if you haven’t taken a YNAB workshop yet, you might be surprised how much you can learn!

Scroll through the workshop options and sign-up for the one that best fits your needs and your schedule. We run them all hours of the day and every night of the week. Even if you have a crazy, busy schedule, you can make it work.

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Try Our Free Budgeting Classes - No Catch