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Give the Gift of YNAB

Are you a gift-giver? Want to spread the budgeting love to those you care about? Let us raise you the gift that is sure to bring peace and joy for years to come: the gift of YNAB.

You might be sitting there thinking, “Wait, isn’t gifting a budgeting tool kind of like giving out toothbrushes on Halloween?” Well sure, it’s no king-sized Snickers candy bar. But let’s not forget the life-changing powers of a little ol’ budgeting software. Have toothbrushes saved lives? Maybe once or twice. But YNAB? We’ve almost lost count (but not really, because those stories are powerful).

How to Give YNAB as a Gift

For the friend who’s always stressed about money:

Share your referral link. You’ve already talked about YNAB so much your friends have turned it into a drinking game. But behold the power of your life-changing actions. Yup, you just bought a car in cash. And your friends noticed.

Now you can pay it forward! Pass out that referral link like it’s your feisty sourdough starter. Your friends will get a free month (plus the 34-day free trial) if they sign up through your link, and you’ll get a free month once they subscribe. Ah, giving is better than receiving. And giving and receiving is pretty awesome too. Here’s how to share.

For the starving student who is still clueless about what it means to pay back all those student loans:

YNAB is free for students. Parents: listen up. Here’s a freebie that won’t cost you a penny. College students and grad students all get YNAB free for a year!

Ok, yes, it won’t take them long to figure out that this is free (and was free for you), but you know what they say: it’s the thought that counts right? Here’s how to sign up.

For the family member who has everything (but is possibly still paying it all off):

Give the gift of YNAB. Maybe you drew Uncle Robby’s name this year for a Christmas present but he has absolutely nothing on his list. Since you just spent all of Thanksgiving hearing him low-key money stressing between bites of turkey, now’s your time! As with anything in finances and family, tread lightly.

Here’s a suggestion for tiptoeing around that line: include a handwritten note on how YNAB has changed YOUR life, plus a session with you on getting started (check out this How to Teach YNAB video for a refresher!). Cost: $99 for 12 months.

Oh, and did we mention: with the average YNABer paying off $6,000 in a year, Uncle Robby might be singing a whole new tune by the next time you see him. He might even be downright whistling. Send a gift here.

For anyone who might benefit from thinking about their money differently:

Give the YNAB book. How about the reasonably priced You Need a Budget book ($15), written by our very own Jesse Mecham? Yup, it’s even got two-day shipping hot off Santa’s sleigh. On Dasher, on Dancer, on Amazon Prime! Get it now.

For the adult child who might actually be giving you gray hair:

Commence Operation Stealth. If you’ve already tried guiding your adult child toward more responsible money ways, you know this move probably won’t land well. You want it to, yes, but your mere suggestion of budgeting might send them running in the opposite direction.

We’re not opposed to looping their favorite aunt into the operation to gift it instead. What could go wrong? Send this link to Aunt Polly and Venmo her $99.

For yourself, because you deserve a little treat:

Give yourself the gift of total money control. Ok, so some people will buy a few gifts here and there for themselves…why not YNAB? Give yourself the gift of peace and calm. Priceless. Well, sort of—we offer monthly or annual options starting at $14.99/month.

Why not give YNAB and the gift of less money stress? That yummy smelling soap will soon be gone. But with this—they’ll soon have enough cash set aside for a whole day at the spa. As if they’ll need it with all that stress gone! Happy gifting.

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Give the Gift of YNAB