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It’s Easier Than Ever to Reconcile with YNAB

See Your Running Balance

Today we’re excited to introduce a new improvement to your accounts in YNAB—one that will prove immensely helpful to your reconciliation process. After all, reconciling your accounts is an important part of budgeting with YNAB. Like, super important. Like “trust your budget” important! And now it’s even easier with the option to view a running balance in your account register.

But first! A few things to note.

It’s optional.

To enable this feature, simply click on the View button and ensure you check the box to the left of “Show Running Balance.” Don’t want to see another column in your account register? Unclick and it’s gone. Poof!

You’ll need to select “Show Running Balance” in each account register you’d like to see it in. Because, you know, preferences!

Sorting and filtering

Each running balance number is tied directly to the preceding transaction. It reflects how that specific inflow or outflow affected the current balance when it was entered. However, if the running balance column simply recalculated each time you sort the register differently (by Payee or Category for example) then the running balance wouldn’t be of any use (and quite confusing!).

For example, you can see how sorting by category changes the order. If your running balance seems out of whack, check to make sure you’re sorting by date.

After searching and/or filtering your transactions, be sure to select the Balance column—this will reset to the default (and correct!) order. Not sure you’ll remember? No worries! We’ve added a helpful Tooltip to remind you.  Easy peasy.

The working balance is always shown at the top of the register so, no matter how you have your register sorted, you can see at a glance what you really have.

Running balance: you are the olive branch of peace between our accounts and budgets. Your play-by-play updates flow smoother than an ESPN commentator. On this day, we celebrate your addition to the wonderful world of the YNAB web app.

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It’s Easier Than Ever to Reconcile with YNAB