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For the First Time My Finances Don't Feel Hopeless

Many YNAB users get started when they’re faced with a foreboding future ahead. It might be just feeling completely overwhelmed with their finances, or facing an emergency where they need to make some financial changes. That’s precisely what happened to today’s YNAB success story, Liz Huburtise. Liz had tried budgeting before, but an illness pushed her to finally take control of her finances. Now she’s more mindful of her spending and is excited to start saving for her big financial goals.

Meet Liz

Like many people, Liz had tried budgeting before but had given up when it was too overwhelming. But when Liz got mono and had to take six weeks off work, she knew something had to change.

“Luckily, I had enough vacation and sick days to cover my time off, and a very understanding boss,” Liz told us. “But I quickly realized that if I needed more time off, I would have no money to cover my lost salary. That insecurity was scary.”

Finding YNAB

Once Liz had the motivation she needed, she asked in a Facebook group for recommendations for ADHD-friendly budgeting apps. She needed a tool she could use that wouldn’t create the overwhelm she’d experienced with previous tools. Members of the group overwhelmingly recommended YNAB.

Liz immediately dove into learning about the app. She watched YouTube videos and joined free YNAB workshops. Once she got started, she caught on quickly. She also plans to read the book to learn more about the philosophy behind the system.

“Once you get the hang of it, it takes less than five minutes a week. There doesn’t have to be shame or anxiety around budgeting. In fact, it makes life way less stressful when you have a plan.”

It’s Easier to Make a Plan

Once Liz started using YNAB, she noticed considerable changes in her money habits and mindset. Because YNAB focuses on real money now rather than hypothetical money in the future, she finds it easier to make a plan.

“I’m more mindful with my money,” Liz shared. “I don’t feel like I’m deprived. If I want to spend money on something I do, but I realize now that money has to come from another category. Is that sweater worth taking money out of my dog’s emergency fund? What if something happens to her?”

Liz also discovered how YNAB could help her through stressful financial situations. She experienced a month where she needed to buy new tires, renew her vehicle registration, replace her broken computer, and buy Christmas gifts. While she knew it would all set her back, she also felt hopeful that she’d have a plan the next time a similar situation arose.

“For the first time, my finances don’t feel hopeless, and that’s a pretty amazing feeling!” Liz shared.

What’s Next

Like many YNAB users, Liz plans to use the app to help plan and save for future financial goals. She put money away for the holidays ahead of time and is building her emergency fund. She also plans to use YNAB to help save for a bathroom renovation and travel more often.

Ready to turn your money situation from hopeless to hopeful? Get started on YNAB and create your budget for free, no credit card required. We offer a 34-day free trial and all the resources you need to be successful in gaining control of your money.

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For the First Time My Finances Don't Feel Hopeless