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Money Reset: How to Get Your Finances Back on Track

You came here looking for a money reset, but that’s not really what you need. Nope! (Wait… what do I need then?) What you really need is to figure out how to get your finances back on track.

When toys or electronics are “reset” to factory settings, they’re going back to the way they used to be. That’s not what you’re doing with your budget this spring. You’re moving ahead, and your future is full of budgeting glory!

So perhaps, instead of a money reset, what you’re really looking for is some fresh perspective, inspiration, and motivation to start or keep on keepin’ on your budgeting journey. Consider this a little spring cleaning for your budget mindset to help you rock your financial goals this year.

Don’t look back, you’re not going that way!

The fact that you’re reading this blog means you’ve come a long way in your relationship with money, but let’s face it: the world is stressful right now, and we can all use a spring pick-me-up. I’m looking at you, inflation. Take that, rising gas costs! We see you, looming student loan payments.

Although it’s natural for all of those factors to translate into financial overwhelm, there are ways to make sure the world news doesn’t knock you off your budgeting game.

Instead of going backward with a reset, here are some other inspiring “re” words to get your finances back on track. These budget spring cleaning tips will give you the fresh feeling you’re looking for while keeping you moving forward—not backward!

Remind Yourself Why You Need a Budget

Hey, maybe you need a simple reacquaintance with what the heck budgeting is and how to make it your own. You’re not alone! We all start somewhere, and your somewhere can be here and now!

  1. Embrace your inner Budget Nerd and revisit YNAB’s Four Rules. By following this game-changing methodology, you won’t be spending less. You’ll be spending right!
  2. Choose one new personal finance book to listen to or read.
  3. Geek out on the YNAB method with You Need a Budget: The Proven System for Breaking the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle, Getting out of Debt, and Living the Life You Want by Jesse Mecham.
  4. Rewire the thoughts and feelings around money that are holding you back with You are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth by Jen Sincero.
  5. Your future self will thank you when you read more about investing with Invest Like a Pro: A 10-Day Investing Course by Jesse Mecham.
  6. Integrate a money podcast into your drive, walk, or workout! By learning more money lingo and getting familiar with budgeting territory, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident clearing the cobwebs from your personal finances.

Reschedule Your Dedicated Budgeting Time

If you feel too spread thin to budget during the day, consider making time at a different time. Some of us budget with breakfast. Some of us budget on Sundays. Some of us budget on the go (oh hey, YNAB app). Once your budget is set up, you can fit it into your life with just two spare minutes a day.

Still short on time? Consider other ways to lighten your load of apps to “check” and bills to pay this spring by getting on a schedule. It’s easy to automate bills and investments to help your budget operate like clockwork…so you don’t have to.

Realign with Your Financial Goals

Spring is a perfect time to reflect on the questions that brought you here:

  • What financial goals do you have this year?
  • How would it feel to accomplish just one of those goals?
  • Where could you direct your extra energy and attention if you weren’t distracted by money stress?  

Now you remember why a budget matters! Take it a step further by creating an actual budget around your goals! (Why not? There’s nothing to lose: the YNAB Trial is free for 34 days.)

Reassess Your Saving and Spending Priorities

Sometimes spring cleaning your money mindset means getting down on your hands and knees to look at your budget from another angle. You’ll be surprised how gratifying it is to Swiffer those dusty categories and long-forgotten expenses!

First, consider:

  • What are your spending and saving priorities this year?
  • Do you need to make adjustments to your spending habits to realize your goals?
  • Is there something important to start saving money for right now that wasn’t a thing before (like a baby on the way, a trip, or a wedding?)

Then, take a black light to your spending categories and question every single expense.

  • Make it your personal mission to cancel subscriptions you’re no longer using.
  • See if there are any other expenses you can cut or find a less expensive option. For example, it’s worth a phone call or two to other cable or car insurance providers!
  • Find ways to scale back basic costs, like eating what you have in your pantry before grocery shopping again.

Shazam! You’ve just taken simple steps to get your finances back on track. If you’re on a roll and can’t-stop-won’t-stop, here are twelve more creative ways to cut costs.

Refresh Your Budget

Every seasoned budgeter has come to a point where you want a clean slate. If you wish you could begin again, did you know YNAB has a Fresh Start feature? That means you can dust yourself off and try again with a brand new budget template, while keeping all of your data.

Sometimes a Fresh Start is exactly what you need to help you figure out how get your finances back on track.
Sometimes a Fresh Start is exactly what you need to help get your finances back on track.

Bonus points if you caught that Aaliyah reference.

Reconsider Your Spending Habits

Is there spending you’re doing just out of habit? Do you really crave that afternoon coffee, or is it just part of your routine to drive through Starbies? Does guys’ night always have to involve eating out, or could you host it a time or two?

Stepping out of the habit hamster wheel can be a powerful way to gain an aerial view of your spending. Psst… Maybe it’s time to put your Sherlock cap on and trace where your money is going with the More Money Challenge. The average participant saves a whopping $1000 in 30 days. #WorthIt

Return to Budget Life

Maybe you’re a longtime budgeter, but you’ve fallen off the budgeting wagon altogether. It’s cool! It’s fine! That’s totally normal. Like any goal, it’s about the journey.

Spring is the perfect time to start fresh or get your finances back on track. To quote this inspiring little leader, Coach Cal, “Legends are made every day, and you could be one of the greats!”

Ready for a squeaky clean money mindset? You got this, and YNAB’s got your back!

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