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Better Twogether: YNAB’s $2,222 Giveaway

Get two steps closer to your on-hold dreams by joining YNAB’s Two’s Day giveaway—where you work toward your goals and we give you the chance to win $2,222.

There’s probably a dozen things that you want to do—things that you aspire to, that you look forward to, that you would enjoy, and that you would feel proud of yourself for accomplishing.

However, for every one dozen things you want to do, there are probably one hundred other things that you need to do—things that keep daily life going; the boring stuff like renewing car registrations and folding laundry and replying to emails you’d rather avoid.

Can you really justify the time and expense involved with taking a glass-blowing class when you need to track down your W-2s so you’re ready for tax season? Should you start planning a trip to Paris when there are baseboards to be scrubbed? Is it a good idea to start a new business if you’re nowhere near ready to quit your day job?

Yes, yes, and yes.

If there’s anything that the last two years have taught us, it’s that life can be unpredictable, at best. People traded sight-seeing for binge-watching, nights out for take-out, and big celebrations for video calls. Did we love it?

Heck no, we did not.

Did we adapt in a way that allowed us to find joy in spite of the sacrifices and uncertainty?

For the most part, yes. Things may not have always gone as planned, but we persevered. We learned to tread water instead of fighting against the current, and that’s an important lesson.

But what if we collectively made a choice to take two small steps towards a future of our choosing in 2022?

And what if YNAB gave you $2,222 along with a gentle nudge to help you on your way?

(To be clear, one of you gets the $2,222 but everyone gets the gentle nudge FOR FREE.)

YNAB’s Two’s Day Giveaway

YNAB's Two's Day Giveaway
This could be you!

On 2/22/22, the stars align with a once-in-a-millenia number sequence. In numerology, the number 22 represents the fulfillment of one’s greatest aspirations, as well as a sense of strength and accomplishment.

It’s like the universe is inviting us to change our lives.

And we’ve turned down a lot of invites lately, but when the universe calls, you answer. So here’s what we’re doing:

  • Step 1: We’re committing to a dream. Pick something. (Don’t pick scrubbing your baseboards though, pick something that excites you. If that excites you, go do that and think about something else to do for this.)
  • Step 2: At some point between now and 2/22/22, tell us what you’d use $2,222 of “found money” towards for a chance to win! Share about it on social media, tag @youneedabudget and use the #YNAB22Giveaway, and follow the link to enter the official giveaway.
  • Step 3: What step could you take right now to make your dream happen? Could you put $22 towards it, either by buying necessary supplies or adding it to a budget category? Could you write down a 22-step plan? Could you spend 22 minutes getting started? Make a small investment towards a new future.

It’s time to make a change and we’re excited to take two steps with you. Share your $2,222 dream with us by entering YNAB’s Two’s Day giveaway below, and let’s make 2022 better twogether.

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Better Twogether: YNAB’s $2,222 Giveaway