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Because Sometimes You Need To Face How Much You Spend At Target

Introducing Search! If you dream it, you can search it (mostly).

Attention all Target shoppers, YNAB now has Search capabilities!

This is actually relevant for everyone who uses YNAB, not just people who shop at Target. Except, everyone shops at Target? They have to, right? So, we’re probably good either way! 🙂

Two weeks ago, we launched Reports. And it was a big, huge thing. So big, that it sort of overshadowed a nearly as big thing: Search.

Many of you (and most of the YNAB team!) have been eagerly awaiting the return of Search. Some of you may not have realized it was missing, but once you experience it, you will marvel that you ever got along without it. Its practical applications are endless:

If you want to know how much you spent at Target on Groceries, there’s a Search for that. For me, apparently, it’s a lot:

Sometimes the truth hurts, but If you want to know how much you spent at Target, in general, like, the big, scary, grand total—sadly, you can quickly determine that number. For right now, you’ll have to add it all up (totals feature is coming down the road), but the answer is still pretty black and white. I reserve the right to withhold my personal total, but here’s what the search looks like:

If you are planning for Christmas, and want to know what you spent at Target last December, the info is just a quick date range Search away:

Wondering how often you’ve spent more than $100 at Target? No problem (and hey, it’s better than Costco, right?):

You might need to pull up an individual transaction. Like the $140.05 transaction, on December 18th last year, prepping for your annual Christmas party:

As soon as you start typing in the Search field, YNAB will suggest more specific options to help you find exactly what you are looking for. You can search for one criteria at a time, or use a comma between each criteria, and YNAB will show you all the transactions that meet all the criteria:

How much did you spend at Target on Clothing between March and May on your Visa card? I’m not exactly sure why you would need to know this, but if you do, we’ve got you covered! Do you keep notes in the Memo field? Or use different Flags? You can Search by those too! If you dream it, you can Search it!*


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Because Sometimes You Need To Face How Much You Spend At Target