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22 Ideas for Your Two’s Day Challenge

We’ve all got that “one thing.” The thing we’ve been wanting to do but just haven’t gotten around to yet. So, if you were to pick one thing to start on (or at least start working towards) tomorrow, what would it be?

For the once-in-a-lifetime Two’s Day Challenge, pick your thing and take two tiny steps toward it. Not only will you feel light and giddy to have taken the first and hardest step toward the thing you want, if you post by 2/22/22 you’ll be entered in a giveaway to win $2,222 from us!

Need some inspiration? Or maybe just a little shake-rattle-and-roll to dust the cobwebs off in your brain where that back-of-the-mind dream is currently collecting dust—try these 22 ideas on for size!

22 Ideas for Your Two’s Day Goals

  1. Renovate your kitchen
  2. Take the bucket-list trip
  3. Landscape the yard and spare no expense for hydrangeas or flowering trees
  4. Learn to dance—ballroom, line dancing, the latest TikTok trend…any will do!
  5. Make strength training a habit
  6. Ride a motorcycle (legally, of course)
  7. Live in France for a month. Or Hawaii. Or Alaska. Or someplace dreamy and away from it all.
  8. Buy a house. Optional: install a white picket fence.
  9. Take up rock climbing
  10. Finally get to those works-for-now but could-use-some-love areas of the house
  11. Move to another country
  12. Live the van life/RV life for a year
  13. Get dual citizenship
  14. Learn to fly a plane
  15. Write a novel
  16. Grow your own food
  17. Get really good at cooking
  18. Start an Airbnb
  19. Get a puppy
  20. Closet makeover
  21. Start your own side hustle
  22. Do a huge surprise trip/gift/car-with-a-bow for someone special in your life

Got your idea? Ooh, the excitement is palpable. The next question is how are you going to make it happen? Here in 2022 we’re all about little tiny steps instead of grand sweeping gestures.

If your dream requires time:

  • Set a daily alarm and when it goes off, commit to doing “that thing” for 22 minutes.

If your dream requires money:

  • Create a zero-based budget with “that thing” as a category, and fund it with $22 (fitting for this Two’s Day, eh?).

Not sure what your dream is? Here’s a nifty little trick: make a list of contenders. Just do a big old brain dump in the ol’ budget. Optional: add in their total cost.

Next, give yourself $22 and see what category “attracts” the money. Where would give you the most joy? Most delight? Most feeling of satisfaction? Put it in that category. That’s your goal!

See what goal attracts the dollars: let the money do the talking! Shown here in a YNAB budget.
See what goal attracts the dollars: let the money do the talking! Shown here in a YNAB budget.

Wishing you all the best for this Two’s Day challenge. Make the things that matter happen, one itty bitty step at a time.

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22 Ideas for Your Two’s Day Challenge