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2 Ways to Get Better with Money in 2020

This year, the winds of change are looking green. You’re gonna do a hard pass on the daily gym visits, but you’re all for making your debt balance lean and mean.

But where's an eager budgeter to go? Well, to You Need a Budget, of course!

We've got two fantastic plans for you to get out of debt and reach your money goals in 2020.

Check 'em out:

YNAB Debt Bootcamp

What it is: A YNAB-supported accountability group to see how much debt you can pay off in two months. It’s temporary—just eight weeks. But in that time, you’re going to be paying off debt with the speed and tenacity of a honey badger.

Who it's for: the person who looks at their credit card debt, student loan debt, car loans, medical debt, mortgage balance, or just the whole lot of 'em together and says “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.” If you’re ready to take back control of your money, you’ve found the right place.

The YNAB Debt Bootcamp is run by our YNAB community manager and teacher, Ben B. Everything is facilitated on a private Facebook group where you'll set a concrete goal, make a plan with the help of Ben, and join a whole community of people doing the same debt payoff sprint as you.

The group will open on December 30 and will run as a two-month sprint. 


Q: Do I have to be using YNAB to join?

A: Nope! We want this to be a resource for anyone to join like-minded people in debt payoff. We are HERE for you. Sure, you'll see examples in the software and there will be a lot of current YNABers, but you don't have to use YNAB to be successful in the bootcamp (although this is where we mention we do have a free 34-day trial so...if you wanted to try it this might be a good time, just sayin').

Q: Does it cost money to join?

A: Nope!

Q: Do I have to share my numbers?

A: Not unless you want to! We’re hoping folks will share their stories with each other, but you can give as much or as little detail as you like. We anticipate this experience to be a little like summer camp circa 5th grade, as in you'll probably have some summer camp/debt bootcamp BFFs. You might end up telling them more about your money struggles and balances than your actual best friend by the end of this.

Q: Is there a specific number I have to hit?

A: Nope, that’s up to you! But you’ll be challenged to go as hard as you can go thanks to the community around you and challenges from the YNAB team. 

Q: What do I get out of this?

A: You’ll get:

  • Inspiring and informative weekly posts about paying off debt with YNAB
  • Inspiring Facebook Lives with the YNAB CEO, Jesse
  • Facebook Live classes with Lee
  • Impromptu live videos from Ben B., our community manager
  • Guided discussion posts
  • Encouragement and support from other YNABers!

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Join the email list. We’ll send you an email to join the group when it opens on December 30. Then we’ll send out weekly summary emails after that!

34-Day Challenge

Maybe the debt bootcamp isn't quite your flavor, or maybe you've already done a killer debt-free dance. Whether you’re just setting up your very first YNAB budget or you’re about to do your annual Fresh Start, we've got something for everyone.

What it is: 34 days of financial fitness challenges. It’s not focused specifically on debt like the bootcamp, but it is more like a “workout of the day” for your money health.

Who it's for: Anyone and everyone trying to get in better financial shape. There’s something for brand new YNABers, for budgeting black belts, heck even something for your friend who is self-proclaimed “terrible with money.”

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see the concrete daily challenges posted each day (and loop in those “terrible-with-money” friends for some added accountability and competition)!


Q: Does it cost money?

Nope! You’re welcome!

Q: Do I need to use YNAB?

While you can technically go through each challenge with whatever budget tool you use, there are a number of days dedicated to specific YNAB Method strategies, features, and content. But don’t let that stop you! 

We will do a shameless plug here though: we offer a free 34-day trial (and we don't automatically charge you when it ends, heck we don't even ask for your credit card to sign up) so you actually have nothing to lose if you want to experiment with budgeting with YNAB.

Q: Can I keep my financial numbers private?

Absolutely. Each challenge is completed on your own, so there’s no obligation to share on social media. We will, however, have lots of fun (voluntary) polls and questions for you to answer in our Instagram Stories!

Q: What do I get out of this?

They say it takes 21 days for a new habit to stick. At the end of 34 days, you’re practically a budgeting wizard. When this challenge wraps up, you’ll have a fully functional budget and all the necessary tools to take total control of your money in 2020. Win-win!

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and keep an eye out on January 1st!

Get your money under control in 2020. You got this!

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