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Hannah Maser

Video Content Producer at YNAB

Hannah Maser is a long-time YNAB lover and host of the bi-weekly YouTube series Heard it From Hannah, where she shares surprisingly delightful YNAB tutorials and “tips and tricks“ compilations. One of her favorite aspects of her role is getting to build real, meaningful connections with avid, like-minded YNABers in the YouTube comments.

Hannah’s more than a tutorial machine, though—she fangirls over every dog within her line of sight, propagates endless plants (despite not being able to keep up with the ones she already has), and is enjoying the sleep-deprived thrill of experiencing life as a first-time mom. Her occasional sidekick, Julep the mutt, is not a salaried employee, but is compensated with free rent, hand-scooped meals, and plenty of “good gorls.”

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