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Dave Crombleholme

Educator at YNAB

Dave is a YNAB Educator and joined YNAB in 2014. He began as an assistant to the YNAB Education Team, then discovered a previously undiscovered passion for delivering live education himself.  Having no formal education background, Dave has over the years, helped the YNAB Method, habits, and apps click with a huge number of people in live workshops. When not teaching live, he's also helping to ensure knowledge is passed on to others as part of the YNAB Certified Coaching team.

As well as being the original Wish Farmer, Dave spends his time living and working on his homestead in sparsely populated north eastern Ontario, Canada—which he shares with his wife, the chickens, sometimes turkeys, and a random number of dogs. His interests include not freezing to death in winter, promising to have contact with at least one other human being every month, and battling to keep a working internet connection.

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