Budgeting Personality Quiz

Do you want money? Lots, and lots, of money? Well, this quiz might just help.

Answer seven questions to discover your budgeting personality type, and we’ll tell you how to play to your strengths!

Choose your favorite weekend outfit:

Which YNAB workshop would be most useful to you right now?

As you’re paying for your afternoon pick-me-up, you realize that you’re down to your last five bucks. How do you feel?

Your great Aunt Winnie bit the dust and left you one bajillion dollars. (We’re so sorry for your loss.) After shedding a tear, what do you do?

Choose a pet:

Let’s talk guilty pleasures. You know better, but you still spend money on ...

Your YNAB success story headline would be:

What's Your Budgeting Personality?
Saving Sam

You got Saving Sam!

Saving Sam lives by the motto, “Waste not, want not!” and for good reason: Sam’s setting aside a serious pile of cash for the purchase of a lifetime—maybe a house or dream car, or maybe a slice of financial independence big enough to last a lifetime.

And when a new month rolls around, there’s little to do in YNAB because Saving Sam is months ahead! (She loves new money, but Sam has a serious pile of money aging in the bank, too.) She pops into YNAB to approve scheduled transactions, reconcile with her bank and is off to tend to her investment accounts.

Budgeting Tip

Saving Sams do a great job at identifying financial priorities and working their long-game, but all work and no play makes Sam, well, kind of bored! For some tips on how to build more fun into your budget, check out ”Spontaneity: Plan Yours Today" and seize the day! Give yourself some flexibility that will increase your quality of life, but in a planned-out way that won’t stress you out.

And, since you’ve been saving for a while, why not check out YNAB’s free, online workshop, Restart your YNAB Budget? It might be just the ticket to shake things up, and prioritize that fun money!

Detailed Dana

You Got Detailed Dana!

Detailed Dana is often found with her nose in her phone. Her app of choice? YNAB, of course! She’s got a pantry to stock, a freezer to fill, a gas tank to top off, activities to pay for and a seriously big urge to hit the drive-through (her busy life demands convenience!). And she pulls it all off, on budget, like clockwork.

How does she do it? If you guessed organization, you’d be right! Dana spends at least a few minutes, daily, skimming over her budget to make sure that everything lines up—in fact, it’s her guilty pleasure. She’s just so darn excited to see those debts shrinking!

Dana’s mini budgeting sessions keep her perpetually on track, so there’s no need for a big reconciliation each week. Everything’s done! At the end of the month, she and her husband meet for a budgeting date (he really knows how to woo her). They discuss what’s working and where the budget needs tweaking. Then they’re off to conquer the next month!

Budgeting Tip

Detailed Danas are great at sticking to their budget and adjusting wisely they go. They lean on Rule Three, a bit, but never to the detriment of their true priorities—there’s no need! Danas always build in a healthy, doable amount of fun money to keep them feeling satisfied and on track.

Alas, Danas are only human and, while they nail the short to medium-term money goals, sometimes they get lost pruning the weeds. It may be a good idea to step back and consider the long-game—like retirement. To get started, check out ”You Don’t Have to Be a Genius to Invest Like a Pro”. And if you can squeeze in 20 minutes, join our free, online class Reach your Savings Goals.

Relaxed Riley

You Got Relaxed Riley!

Relaxed Riley takes everything in stride. Sure, every dollar’s got a job—the budget is important—but she’s not psychic! Things change, budgets change. Sometimes you fall head over heels for a new kitchen gadget and you need it, like, yesterday. Maybe she’ll save the receipt, in case buyer’s remorse crops up (but, who are we kidding?). Besides, the minimum payment on the credit card is taken care of. No harm, no foul.

Relaxed Riley’s favorite part of YNAB is Rule Three, Roll With The Punches. When it’s time to face the budget, Riley might be slightly less relaxed, but things generally pan out OK. Occasionally, she’ll do a fresh start to clean things up, and then she carries on! Some budgeting is better than no budgeting, right?

Budgeting Tip

Relaxed Rileys do a commendable job at sticking with it, if not perfectly. But maybe it’s time to start paying attention to what really matters! Kitchen gadgets are great, but can’t you just taste that big dream that stirs your spirit—the house, the travel, retiring to the tropics, starting that business? What’s the one, monumentally big, exciting thing that you yearn to accomplish in this life? Make it yours!

If you’re ready to use YNAB as more than an expense tracker, and you’re ready to budget your way into your dream life, it’s time to focus! For a friendly kick in the pants, read ”But What If You Just Love Spending Money?” And when you’re done, drop into our free, online class, Rule your Budget and Roll with Your Overspending.

Questioning Quinn

You Got Questioning Quinn!

Questioning Quinn’s big, beautiful brain has one super-duper power: mulling over all of the possibilities. She’s dabbled in spreadsheets and other budgeting software programs with no luck, and finally tried out YNAB (on the advice of a very good friend).

And it seems great, so far. Questioning Quinn loves to imagine the benefits of a budgeted life—financial peace, much less anxiety, bills paid on time every month, and everything under control. Ahh! Exhale. This YNAB thing sounds great!

There’s just one snag: Questioning Quinn has been avoiding her free, 34-day YNAB trial like the plague. In fact, the idea of setting up her first budget is, if we’re being honest, downright overwhelming. So, instead of taking action, Questioning Quinn finds herself pondering Rule One, Give Every Dollar A Job:

“How will I know what I really need want before I get paid, again?”

“What if I can’t stay on budget—I don’t know how much I spend on groceries?!”

And the worst worry of them all, “What if I can’t afford the lifestyle that I’m used to?”

Budgeting Tip

Questioning Quinns, take heart. You’re not alone, and there’s an easy antidote to your budgeting anxiety: action! Remember that, if you take action now, you’ll reap the benefits later. Nothing is permanent, so bite the bullet and make future you very happy (and financially fit!).

So, let’s make this simple—start by reading “How to Make a Budget—Five Simple Steps to Smarter Spending and Happier Days.” After you’ve read that, drop into our free, online class, Create a Budget Template. Our teachers will walk you through every step, and they’d be happy to answer all of your questions! You can do this!

Spontaneous Stevie

You Got Spontaneous Stevie!

Spontaneous Stevie gives every dollar a job … as she goes. (Planning ahead isn’t exactly her jam.) The bills get paid, mostly on time. And, if she has to, there’s always the credit card. That’s what it’s there for, isn’t it? I mean, Black Friday comes but once a year! And she can’t cancel her weekly social commitments, or show up for birthday parties without a fun gift, right?

Let’s face it. When it comes to budgeting, Spontaneous Stevie is a bit checked out. In fact, she’ll need to write into YNAB support because she forgot her password. Oops. Still, the steak-and-ramen cycle is wearing on her, and Spontaneous Stevie feels it in her bones: she’s ready to finally take the plunge, and enjoy the cool, calming waters that are financial peace.

Budgeting Tip

Fear not, Spontaneous Stevies. You’re not doomed to be bad with money—and you will amaze yourself with your future financial accomplishments! A good first step? Read “Please Stop Saying You’re Bad at Money”. Then, join our free, online class called Get Started and Prioritize.

Get ready to be inspired. Soon, you’ll see that budgeting isn’t restrictive—it’s actually exactly the tool you need to build the big, glitzy life of your dreams. A life where you’re free to spend on the things you truly want (minus the guilt!)

So, what did you get? Share your result on the social web with the hashtag #YNABtype, and we’ll watch for your post!