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Stay Up to Date with Pending Transactions!

December 11, 2020
A screenshot of pending transactions in the account register of the YNAB web app

If you’re a direct import user, you are well aware of the black-box phenomenon of credit card transactions. Example: you buy a Snuggie® on Amazon or feast on a taco dinner at your favorite local spot. If you’re not entering transactions yourself, you’ll swipe your card and promptly forget about that transaction. That is, until you open your budget multiple days later and it suddenly appears. 

Maybe it’ll bring you back to that delicious salsa verde, or make you curse and go yelling around to family members about what was the $24.51 on Amazon? What was the $12.15? Either way, the transactions now eat up some dollars from your partner’s fun money (“But the Snuggie is clothing! Not fun money!”).

Well, with the release of our pending transactions update, we’ve cut down on that black box phenomenon to reduce the lag time between swiping and transactions appearing in your budget. That means your budget will be even more up to date!

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