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Progress bars are live

April 2, 2021
A screenshot of the YNAB mobile with progress bars and another showing them turned off

Financial goals? Oh you’ve got ’em. You’re saving for your next laptop, a sweet summer vacation, and a bathroom remodel all at the same time. Wouldn’t it be just dandy to glance at your budget and know exactly where you stand on every single category?

Well today is your lucky day because now you can take a quick glance and know exactly where you stand with new progress bars in your YNAB budget.

Progress bars show you how much you have budgeted and spent in each category —yup, that means you can finally see if you still have room in the grocery budget for that caramel cookie crunch Talenti gelato. Bonus: take your Category Name real estate back—you no longer need to add them as a text note in your Category Names!

Just look at this crayon box of colors! But also, did you feel your heart start racing? This is not the budget you’ve known and loved. Has it gone through puberty?! Is its voice changing?

No, silly. This is your same budget. Are you over the initial shock? Stay with us, because they’re pretty cool! (And I’ll admit, I know exactly how you felt just then when you saw it for the first time. My budget! My precious budget! But I’m a week in and I’m diggin’ ‘em. You’re gonna be like…what did we even DO before progress bars? Give it T-minus three more budget checks. You’ll be there.)

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