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Planning is Easier With Simple Targets

May 13, 2024

Targets are at the heart of many successful YNAB spending plans. They help you gain a clear view of your monthly financial needs, so you can build the life you want! With our latest update, we’ve made targets simpler and easier to use than ever. 

Anytime you edit or add a new target, YNAB will now present you with a clear, plain-language process that lets you choose exactly how you want the targets to function without needing to memorize a series of detailed target types. Just tell the app what you want to do, and YNAB will handle all the complexities behind the scenes.

With this update, we have not removed any functionality. All your existing targets will continue to function in exactly the same way they did before. And you’ll even see an expansion of some of our cadence options and some tweaks to progress bars and the target inspector that will help you visualize progress toward your savings goals. 

A simplified and more-intuitive target configuration flow, target inspector, and progress bars will ensure YNABers create the right target for their needs and stay prepared for every expense.

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