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YNAB Together

Supplemental Terms and Conditions

LAST UPDATED: October 18, 2022

YNAB Together is a set of features offered by You Need A Budget LLC (“Company”, “we” or “us”) and is governed by the terms and conditions on this page (these “Together Terms”), along with our primary Terms of Service (our “Terms of Service”) and Privacy Policy (our “Privacy Policy”), both of which are hereby incorporated by reference, and any other documents incorporated by reference in these Together Terms or the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy. All capitalized terms used in these Together Terms not otherwise defined herein have the meanings set forth in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, as applicable. YNAB Together is hereby deemed to be part of the Website (as defined in the Terms of Service).

Please read the Terms of Service, these Together Terms, and our Privacy Policy carefully before you use YNAB Together. By using YNAB Together functionality or by clicking to accept or agree to the Together Terms when this option is made available to you, you accept and agree to be bound and abide by these Together Terms, the Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. If you do not want to agree to these Together Terms, the Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy, you may not use YNAB Together.

About YNAB Together

YNAB Together is a set of features within YNAB specifically for partners, families, and other close-knit groups of up to six people. Within YNAB Together, a self-selected group of members (each a “Member” and collectively a “YNAB Together Group” or “Group”) can share budgets, and each member gets their own YNAB account and login—all for the price of a single subscription. YNAB Together is available to users over thirteen (13) years of age in the United States, and users over sixteen (16) years of age outside of the United States.

Roles and Restrictions

As a part of your account on the Website, you will receive access to YNAB Together functionality. If you elect to invite Member(s) to YNAB Together,  you will be designated as the manager (“Group Manager”) of the group. The Group Manager is responsible for billing, including all subscription payments, and has the ability to invite and remove Members from the Group.  

When you accept an invitation to join a YNAB Together Group as a Member, you will be able to create budgets for yourself and choose whether to share them with other members of the group [however, all budgets are always shared with the Group Manager]. Once you create a budget for yourself, you are the default owner of that budget. You will also be able to delete any budgets you create and transfer ownership of your budgets to another Member. You acknowledge and agree that the designated Group Manager will be able to see certain details and information associated with your user account, including all budgets that you own or have access to, your first name, and email address. You further acknowledge and agree that Group Managers may edit such budgets. You may leave a YNAB Together Group at any time, but you cannot join more than one Group at a time with the same user account.

What Happens if I Leave a YNAB Together Group or Delete my Account?

In the event of 1) your voluntary exit from a  Group; or 2) if your Group Manager removes you from a Group, then your subscription will be transferred to a free trial for 34 days, during which time you must obtain a new subscription or your access to the Website will end. Any budgets that you own will be unshared, but will stay with your user account. Any budgets that were shared with you will no longer be shared, and any bank accounts that you added to those shared budgets will become unlinked. For more information on how linked bank connections work within shared budgets, visit our Help Doc.

In the event that you delete your user account on the Website, any budgets that you owned will be unshared and deleted. Any budgets that were shared with you will no longer be shared. For more information on our data retention practices, please review our Privacy Policy.