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Web Release Notes: November 2, 2017

Release Notes

Good artists copy; great artists steal. Two bullet points below are lifted verbatim from the iOS v2.0.5 release notes. But you, dear Web Release Notes reader, can consider them original content since Apple takes its sweet time approving new releases and the iOS release notes haven’t been published yet. I would apologize for the self-plagiarization, but it’s a gray area and my creativity is faltering.


  • Some banks include invalid unicode characters in their export files (shocker!). Our file-based importer would crash on those characters. Now it doesn’t.
  • If we see a check number in a direct imported bank transaction we now prepend that check number to the memo. Unless the check number is already there, because we don’t like duplication. Unless the check number is already there, because we don’t like duplication. Also, check numbers imported through direct import or file-based import will be prepended with a # sign, creating an inadvertent hashtag. Bonus!
  • Scheduled transaction handling got some love (and by love I mean a major overhaul). It’s now less error-prone and much more performant (not a word, but perfectly cromulent in this case).

Bug fixes

  • You can now split a transaction if you are transferring to to a tracking account. (/ht Aquamarine Projector)
  • Fixed a regression so after adding a new bank account and closing the accounts modal we, once again, automatically select the account you just added.
  • When adding a transaction, we show available balances next to each category. But if you added a transaction for a given category then added another for the same category, we didn’t update its available balance. That’s fixed now, so we always show the latest available balance in the dropdown. Accuracy FTW!
  • When importing transactions from your bank, if a transaction was not yet approved and matched another transaction you weren’t able to “unmatch” them and save as separate transactions. You could tap the “Unmatch” button until the cows came home, but nothing happened. That’s fixed now. And I’m happy to report the cows made it home safely.