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Web Release Notes: August 20th, 2020

Release Notes

If Google is to be trusted, we’ve got just about one more month of Summer left. And then, here comes Autumn…more like ODD-umn, am I right? But let’s not focus on that just yet. Let’s celebrate another hot YNAB update during what remains of Summer:

  • We fixed an issue when managing payees, where if you deleted a payee, we’d scroll you back to the top of the list of payees, and you lost your place. Don’t worry, after today’s release, we’ll now stay put, so you can keep on managing payees.
  • During File Based Import (AKA the lesser known FBI acronym) we were combining transactions into one account (even in scenarios where they should be placed into multiple accounts) if your account identifiers had the same last 4 digits. Who knew bank accounts could have the same last 4 digits? What are the odds? Turns out…high enough to warrant a fix! So, we are now using the full account identifier, so you should not run into this problem anymore.
  • At certain browser heights, the help beacon in the bottom righthand corner of the app covered numbers in the Income vs. Expense Report. Hey, help beacon…not very helpful! We’ve added a bit of extra space to the bottom of that report to ensure that all of the numbers are unobscured and easy to read.