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20 Jul 2016

Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue that caused deleted accounts to reappear without being able to be deleted.
  • Previously, after doing a Fresh Start, sometimes the old copy of the budget wasn’t renamed correctly.
  • Removed the animation that occurred when deleting transactions, as it caused some other issues.
  • YNAB no longer shows future/scheduled debt payments as paid.
  • You can now drag bank files from the Chrome Download Bar into YNAB to begin importing the transactions in that file.
  • Changed where we calculate the Percentage complete a goal is.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen on the budget screen if you held CMD+up or CMD+down to toggle collapsing of categories.
  • Now if you type a category note and then click away, the notes are automatically saved.
  • Off-budget transactions can no longer be included for┬ásub-categories on the mobile apps.
  • Improve the flow when importing large bank files or files with multiple accounts.