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16 June 2017

Release Notes

  • More fixes from great feedback on the payee management feature we have been slowly rolling out. It’s almost ready for primetime.
  • We fixed a bug on the Accounts screen where the “Select all” checkbox would sometimes get stuck in a checked state and not give up. We forced it to give up.
  • A very small number of Direct Import accounts incorrectly got into an error state with a recent update, presenting the “Import (!)” indicator, and clicking there would result in an error. We fixed the issue and the affected accounts for good.
  • An edge case after creating a new bank connection through Direct Import could result in an error when loading the list of available bank connections going forward, blocking you from adding new banks or connecting to existing ones. We fixed that, because no one likes edge cases.
  • Tweak the message about storing bank credentials to clarify that this is handled by our direct import provider.
  • A handful of improvements and fixes that will benefit our mobile apps.