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06 Sep 2017

Release Notes

Howdy, friends! Invigorated by the prospect of the young’uns returning to school we’ve been busy little bees. There’s a lot going on in this release so kick back, put every electronic device within earshot on DND, and laissez le bon temps roulet.

  • Selecting multiple transactions in a big register via shift+click now works as you’d expect, even if you have to scroll, scroll, scroll before you shift+click.
  • You should notice substantial performance improvements when editing transactions. And “substantial” is in italics so it means “really a lot”.
  • No more jumping to the memo field when categorizing a newly imported uncategorized transaction.
  • Transaction dropdowns now open on Safari 11, which is helpful.
  • No more setting goals on the “Uncategorized Transactions” pseudo-category in the budget. If you have uncategorized transactions we roll those up in the aforementioned pseudo-category in your budget. And we used to let you attach goals to that category. That serves no appreciable purpose, so we removed the “feature”.
  • We’re slowly rolling out improved account_category_payee/memo searching, giving priority to items starting with the search term and accounting for some tpyos.
  • Select a few entries on an account register (use shift+click for bonus points!) and we’ll show you a “Selected Total” at the top. “That’s old hat!”, you say. To which I reply, “yes, it is old hat, but let me finish.” With this release that selected total better accounts for split transactions! Disappointed in the anticlimax you shake your head thinking, “just because you add an exclamation point at the end doesn’t make it exciting.” Fair point!
  • More search geekery: when searching for a specific account, payee or category, and you have some that are similarly named, we’d match ‘em all. Now we prioritize complete matches in the results. For example, say you have two categories: Fun Money and Unfun Money. Prior to this release, searching for Category: Fun Money would also match the “Unfun Money” category. Now it only matches “Fun Money” because it’s a complete match and we prioritize complete matches. If you want both results returned you can leverage partial matches with Category: Fun.
  • The hyphen/dash (-) hotkey usually goes back one day when entering a date in the register. But things got a little wonky if you configured your budget to use a date format with dashes. Said wonkiness is now gone. Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all! (Too soon?)
  • It’s déjà vu all over again. Moving between budget months was keeping categories selected even if they were later explicitly deselected. For example, select Electric, then go to next month. Now deselect Electric and select Phone. Now go back to the previous month and both Electric and Phone were selected. This is fixed now. It’s jamais vu all over again.
  • Your browser should now stop asking to remember bank credentials for Direct Import.
  • When fresh starting a budget, the starting balance will now reflect your time zone’s ”today” instead of UTC’s “today”. Unless, of course, you only fresh start your budgets in Greenwich, in which case no such bug ever existed. “Just joke”, as a friend used to say.
  • We added two new aliases for wiring up institutions for direct import: “amex” will get you “American Express”; and “unionbank” will get you “Union Bank”. I sincerely hope this bullet point finds its way to that one YNABer who uses both Union Bank and American Express. The time savings will be unprecedented.
  • We fixed some issues with printing reports. The trees aren’t happy, though Hank Stamper and family applaud the effort.
  • We now include commas in amounts when exporting budgets. Jesse previously refused to let us export them saying, “Let Excel use its own commas.” He has since softened on this position.
  • The register now shows “Category not needed” whenever a category isn’t needed, like for transfers, split transfers, and debt account (e.g. credit card) starting balances. If you have a positive starting balance on that shiny new debt account, we’ll show “Inflow: To be Budgeted [sic]”.
  • The “Income v Expense” report no longer classifies starting balances as income. I would explain the technical details behind this decision, but unless you’re an accountant you’d be bored. And if you are an accountant you’d just roll you eyes at my rudimentary explanation.
  • We now prevent the self-service modal from getting hidden behind the on-boarding banner on small screens. It would be funny if the part that was hidden had said, “Get a bigger screen.”