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Opt Out Request Form

Under certain state laws, including in California, consumers have the right to opt out of YNAB’s processing of their personal information for targeted online advertising purposes (this data use is called “sharing for cross-context behavioral advertising” in California). Consumers also have the right to opt out of the disclosure of their personal information to third parties for monetary or other valuable consideration (this data use is called a “sale” of data under various state laws).

As described in our Cookie Policy, we have incorporated cookies and similar technology from certain third parties into our Services to provide you with more relevant and tailored ads regarding our services and to analyze the performance of our ads and the types of consumers who see and interact with them. We may also share certain identifiers, like a hashed email address, with third-party platforms so that those platforms can display YNAB ads to interested audiences. These technologies allow us and our partners to serve tailored YNAB ads on other platforms, and to limit how often we show ads to consumers who have already subscribed to YNAB.

Although these advertising activities are a common way for companies like YNAB to promote their products and services, certain laws categorize these activities as “selling” personal information or “sharing” or “processing” personal information for targeted advertising purposes – even though we never provide information in exchange for money. 

We want to be clear that we do not under any circumstances “sell” the information you provide through the Product (as defined in the Privacy Policy) or “share/process” it for targeted advertising purposes, including Financial Data (as defined in the Privacy Policy) or users' contact information.

Nevertheless, our online advertising activities targeting prospective YNAB users may be considered to be a “sale” and/or “sharing/processing” for targeted advertising purposes under the broad definitions of those terms in state privacy laws.

If you would like to opt out of our online disclosure such as through cookie and pixel technology of your personal information for purposes that could be considered “sales” for those third parties' own commercial purposes, or “sharing” for purposes of targeted advertising, please follow this link or select “Your Privacy Choices” in the footer, and follow the instructions. You must make this choice on each site/app on each browser/device you use to access the Services. You must also renew this choice if you clear your cookies or your browser is set to do that. 

If you want to submit a request to opt out of the use of your email address and other personal information related to that email address for targeted advertising purposes and to the disclosure of such information to our marketing and business partners, fill out the form below.

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