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Make Your Money Go Further

Imagine a world where late fees and overdrafts disappear forever.

You're Counting the Days to Payday

There’s barely enough money to get you between this payday and next. You’re running on fumes until the next paycheck arrives. Living like this? It’s exhausting.

We’ll teach you how to live on last month’s money so you never feel that razor-thin financial edge again. You can stop worrying about maxing out your credit cards, collectors will stop calling, and those once-frequent overdraft fees will vanish into thin air.

We're Here to Help

We want to help you build more margin into your budget, your bank account, and in your life.

  • 1. Start Your Trial

    Try YNAB for free. Poke around a bit. Decide if this is the tool for you!

  • 2. Make Your Budget

    Create a buffer with your money and track your progress with a budget.

  • 3. Get Ahead

    Watch your money stretch to payday and beyond and build a financial security blanket.

Break the Cycle for Good

When Dana Kay saw that the woman in front of her at the grocery store had her card declined at the register, she immediately swept in to cover the woman’s costs. That’s when she realized how far she had come from living paycheck to paycheck. Hear how she turned it all around.

  • I Created My Own Financial Security

    I know how horrible and embarrassing it can be to have your card declined. I was that girl.”

    Dana Kay Stopped Living Paycheck to Paycheck —Dana Kay

What’s Your Money Pain Point? We Can Help!

  • Help! I Don’t Know Where to Start

    When no one ever taught you what the heck to do with money, it’s no wonder you’re a little lost! First things first, let’s get going with a budget to light your way.
  • Help! I Don’t Make Enough Money to Budget

    Are you stuck thinking that because you’re broke you can’t have a budget? Nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s how to thrive no matter how much you have in the bank.
  • Help! I Don’t Have Time to Learn How to Budget

    Surely you’ve got five minutes! Or a lunch break? We can work with your limited time table: here are the essentials you need to know.

Practical Tools For Getting Ahead

  • Read the Full Guide

    This guide will take you through how to break out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle forever in an easy-to-follow format.

    Read More
  • How to Get Ahead

    Learn how to live on last month’s income so you have more space between when you’re paid and when you get paid again.

    Watch Now
  • Learn the Four Rules

    Learn about YNAB’s Method for money management in this approachable, bite-sized video course.

    Watch Video Course
  • Ask Your Questions

    Our always-friendly teachers run live Q&A sessions to answer your questions about how to budget successfully.

    Get Answers

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Build More Margin and Stress Less

You don’t have to keep living like this. Add a mental and financial margin to your life with a YNAB budget. Try YNAB free, no commitment required. What do you have to lose? (Other than all that debt and stress, of course…)