Where does all my money go?

Save your sleuthing for something cooler than solving money mysteries.

Defeat the black hole of spending.

When you get your W-2 every year and look at the line that shows your gross income, it always makes you pause. It seems like a lot of money, but where does it all go?

Imagine knowing your average monthly grocery spending down to the cent, and having all the data you need to make informed financial decisions. You can finally hone in to buy that dream house, pay off that last debt, max out your retirement savings (or do all three!).

We’re here to help

Want more financial clarity and to know exactly where you stand? We can help. Here’s how it works.

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1. Try YNAB for free

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2. Make a plan

We’ll help you set up YNAB so you can quickly build up a buffer and track your progress.

3. Get financial clarity

Stop wondering where your money goes, and start proactively planning for the things you want.
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Know your priorities

When you decide what’s important to you and commit to it realistically, you might just wake up one day and notice you’ve saved $30,000 without even realizing it.

Optimize your earning power

Jacob thought home ownership would never happen. He and his partner make good money, but it never seemed to accumulate into a pile big enough for a down payment. A year ago, they had nothing saved, and then they implemented a simple three-step plan in YNAB and everything changed.

Where’s your pain point?

Help! My money feels like a confusing tangle.

The overarching goal of your financial life is to simplify, simplify, simplify. Here’s how to slim and trim the mental overhead of your money.

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Help! I don’t have time to learn about YNAB!

Surely you’ve got five minutes! Or a lunch break? We can work with your limited time table: here are the essentials you need to know.

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Help! I’ve never tried to organize my finances.

When you have a handful of credit cards, a car loan, and a tangle of student loans all with varying balances and interest rates, it can be tough to know where to start.

See an Ideal Money Plan

See real examples of people who gained financial clarity

I’m 24, Live with a Roommate, and I Make $62K/year

YNAB Money Snapshots: See the income and expenses of a 24-year-old analyst making $62,000 per year and paying off student loans.

I’m 41, Make $159K a Year, and My Partner and I Live in DC

YNAB Money Snapshots: See the income and expenses of a software consultant living with his partner in D.C. and making $159,000 a year.

I’m a Doctor, He’s a Stay at Home Dad, We Make $215K

YNAB Money Snapshots: See the income and expenses of a family of five living in Philadelphia with a yearly income of $215,000 per year.