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Spend less while living more

Enjoy guilt-free spending and effortless saving.

Put yourself back in the driver’s seat

Just when you think your bank account should be a plump little purse of money, your balance seems to have stalled out—or worse—it’s acquired a leak.

Watch your savings climb higher and higher by adding more intentionality to your spending. We’ll teach you a few savings tricks so you can get your spending under control without feeling restricted.

We’re here to help

Want to write a new money story? We won’t shame you, guilt you, or force you to eat ramen. Here’s how it works.

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1. Sign up for a trial

Try YNAB for free with our 34-day trial. Poke around a bit. Decide if you like us.
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2. Make a plan

We’ll help you set up YNAB so you can start spending less and saving more.

3. Build your savings

Watch as your savings balance climbs sky-high while still having the freedom to spend.
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From paycheck to paycheck to saving three months of expenses

I'm no longer worried that an unexpected car repair is going to be more than I can handle.

Plump up your bank account for good

In spite of Carsen’s best efforts, he never seemed to make progress. “I was getting by ok, I couldn’t get ahead. My bank account would hit triple or sometimes double digits before my next paycheck came in. I always felt poor.” And then one day, everything started changing for the better.

Where do you struggle to save?

Help! I need to save money fast!

If you want to rein in your spending and save money fast, we’ve got ten ideas to help you get rolling.

Get Spending Under Control

Help! My spending is out of control!

A lot of people struggle to stop spending money. Learn these three steps to get your spending under control.

Curb a Spending Problem

Help! I can’t seem to save any money!

To save more, you have to change your behavior. See four reasons you’re not saving money and what to do about them.

Simple Ways to Save

See real examples of people reaching their savings goal

From $500 in the Bank to Retiring Early

Find out how Tom, an IT business analyst from Kenton, Michigan, realized that it was cheaper to quit his job than to continue working.

The Best Way to Pay for Home Improvements

The Fisher family started YNAB, paid off their car loan, demolished their debt, and discovered the best way to pay for home improvements.

How I Got a Handle on My Finances

Andrew Abela has an MBA, a PhD, and managed a multi-million dollar budget at work, but his personal finances were stressful.