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Fund your future together

Sharing the covers is hard—sharing your finances shouldn't be. Change the way you communicate about money with YNAB.

Managing money together can be rough

Money isn’t everything, but it can be a major source of stress when you and your partner aren’t on the same page. Discussing your finances and future goals should make you feel more connected, not less.

The first step is creating a plan—and not the kind of plan that lives in one person’s brain. YNAB gives you a shared overview—no more mind reading—so you both can figure out how to afford your best life, together.

Put your dreams on the front burner

With YNAB Together, you can share your subscription with a partner (at no additional cost!) so that both of you can update, edit, or reference your financial overview, or create additional spending plans, from separate log-ins.

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1. Sign up for a free trial

Try our app together. Consume our free content. Poke around a bit. Decide if you like us.
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2. Make a plan

Decide where you want your money to go, experiment with different repayment options, organize your payoff plan, and feel more in control.
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3. Stop arguing about money

You’ll have less friction in your relationship and you can reach your shared goals—faster.
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We went from paycheck-to-paycheck to debt-free

My wife and I went from living paycheck to paycheck to now on the road to becoming debt free and saving money towards fostering/adopting, all thanks to YNAB.

Grow old (and wealthy) together

Transform your conversations about money. No one has to be “the bad guy" when it comes to what you can afford to spend because YNAB becomes the communication tool. You’ll have less friction in your relationship and you can reach your shared goals—faster.

Get a simplified look at your expenses

How to use YNAB with shared accounts

We’ll show you how to maintain a sense of autonomy while sharing finances.

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How to use YNAB with separate accounts

Easily manage your joint expenses while keeping your financial independence.

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How to use YNAB with hybrid accounts

Have a mixed setup of both shared and separate accounts? YNAB is designed for that, too.

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What’s your situation? We can help!

Can a Spender and a Saver Live in Financial Harmony?

Find common ground, establish clear communication, and develop goals that you are both invested in achieving together.

Make Room For Yourself While Managing Money Together

Learn how adding some wiggle room for personal spending can help you and your partner handle finances together for the long haul.

How We Manage Money As a Couple

Managing money as a couple is hard! See how we found a common language around money through YNAB and are Team Joint Everything!

Get your free worksheet

Ready for money night, done right? YNAB’s free worksheet uses a simple structure to make conversations about finances more productive and inspiring.