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Rewrite your money story

There’s nothing insufficient about you or your funds.

You can be good with money

Do you avoid checking your balances—because it’s just easier not to know? Skip the shame, no one is born knowing how to handle money. It’s a muscle you can build.

You can be good with your money (without being good at math.) Need a hand to hold? Consider ours extended. We’ll teach you how to stop the transfer dance, simplify your setup, and say goodbye to overdrafting. At the end of the month, you’ll even have money left over. Sound like a dream? It’s closer than you think!

We’re here to help

Want to write a new money story? We won’t shame you, guilt you, or force you to eat ramen. Here’s how it works.

A desktop computer with the YNAB logo on the screen

1. Dive in

Try YNAB for free. Poke around a bit in our software and resources. Decide if you like us.
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2. Create your plan

We’ll teach you the proven four-step YNAB Method and let the rules guide your way.

3. Surprise yourself

Your savings will climb, your debt will shrink, you’ll be confident and in control. Yep, you can—and will be—good with money.
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I paid off $8k in 9 months

It’s so liberating to have control over your money and not let your money control you.

Do you feel like you’re bad with money? You’re not alone

Michole was getting her PhD in Mathematics and managing money was stressful for her too. It’s really a catch-22 when you start: you don’t want to look at your money because it stresses you out, but the more awareness you bring to it, the less stressed you get. However, once she got started, she paid off $8,000 in nine months. Plus, she doesn’t feel so ashamed and guilty about money anymore.

What’s your pain point? We can help!

Help! I don’t know where to start.

When no one ever taught you what the heck to do with money (sure would’ve been nice to learn this in school instead of say…square dancing), it’s no wonder you’re a little lost!

Learn How to Manage Money

Help! I don’t have time to organize my finances!

Surely you’ve got five minutes! Or a lunch break? Here are the essentials you need to know even if you’ve only got five minutes. Let's get started.

Choose Your Time Table

Help! I don’t make enough money to manage it.

You might think that there's no use for YNAB if you're broke. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ll teach you how to boost your finances to full health.

Managing Money When Broke

Practical tools for managing money

Read the Full Guide

This easy-to-follow guide will teach you how to untangle your financial knot into a simple, streamlined setup.

Take a Free Class

Our friendly teachers show you the step-by-step mechanics of setting up YNAB for your specific situation.

Learn the Method

Learn about YNAB’s Method for money management in this approachable, bite-sized video course.

Learn Rule One

It all starts here with the YNAB Method. Hannah will teach you the first rule you need to know to get your money under control

See real examples of people gaining total control

See My Money Plan: I Take Home $3,700/Month

YNAB Money Snapshots: see the spending plan of a 28-year-old single guy living in Kentucky and how he's getting his finances in order.

We’re a Family of Six Making $144,000/Year

YNAB Money Snapshots: see the income and expenses of a couple and their four kids living in Connecticut on $144K per year.

6 Surprise Benefits From My First Month of YNAB

If you're just getting started, read this. Check out the experience of one YNABer's first month to know what you can expect.