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YNAB is With You Wherever You Are

(So there are no excuses not to budget!)

YNAB Goes Everywhere with You
YNAB Goes Everywhere with You

Heightened Awareness & Constant, Real-Time Access

We hate to break it to you, but you’re out of excuses. With YNAB, if you have your phone (and we know you do), then you have your budget. Your budget goes where you go—on all your devices, all the time.

But before you get creeped out, think of the possibilities: the closer you are to your budget, the closer you are to your financial goals.

The YNAB Lineup

YNAB is everywhere. It’s an ecosystem that supports you wherever you are. Everyone in your family, all of their devices. And if you have an Amazon Echo, your budget will even talk to you!

YNAB for Web

Our flagship app. Where it all started. Though who are we kidding, it all started with a simple spreadsheet that BECAME our flagship app.

YNAB for iPhone

Yes, it works on the latest and greatest iPhones, meaning you can update your budget right after an emoji extravaganza with your bestie.

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YNAB for Android

Android fan? You’re in luck! YNAB for Android is full featured and works seamlessly with all your devices.

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YNAB for iPad

For all the tablet lovers out there, we’ve got you covered!

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YNAB for Apple Watch

The ultimate on-the-go budget, available at the flick of your wrist!

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YNAB for Alexa

Teenagers who talk back = bad. Budgets that talk back = good.

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YNAB for All the Things!

If you REALLY want to dive deep into the YNAB ecosystem, we have just the thing for you: The YNAB API!

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