Jamie Rolls with the Punches

Jamie was a week and a half into YNAB and she was doing great at sticking to the budget. Then, she found out her good friend was in town and wanted to meet up for coffee. Jamie really (REALLY) wanted to see this friend, but her budget for coffee was looking slim. She was committed to the budget, but was it really that big of a deal to just spend $5 when you don’t have the money for it?

She looked at her budget:

She thought: I have $15 for clothing this month, but going for coffee with my friend is more important to me than a new t-shirt (because PRIORITIES). Plus, she wanted to save the movie budget for a date night at home with Oscar. She moved some money from her clothing budget to her coffee budget, and away she went for lattes. She thought it was a great decision (and we did too).