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The first 500 people to sign up for a trial will get a free hard copy of the You Need a Budget book!*

Gain Total Control of Your Money™

The YNAB Method and app will give you financial clarity like never before.

Start Your Budget

Finally, a System That Sticks

Have you tried budgeting before but nothing seemed to last? Learn YNAB’s Four Rules, put them into action, and prepare to experience total control.

Watch YNAB in 60 Seconds

A Tool for Better Money Habits

Daniel struggled to manage his household finances for years. He was constantly stressed and anxious about money.

“I bought a Rolex, I bought a TV. A lot of that was through debt, even though I made six figures.”

It all changed when he discovered YNAB was a tool to change his behaviors.

  • Optimize Your Income

    In the past two years, our household savings rate as a percent of gross income has grown from 6% to 27%. We max out our 401(k)s and save even more on top. ”

    -Daniel YNAB User

Got Five Minutes?

Use This Quick-Start Template

Money Clarity Budget Template

We’ve hand-picked the Money Clarity budget template for James Clear readers to kickstart their YNAB experience. Try it free for 34 days, no credit card required.

Customize these virtual envelopes to match your situation, give every dollar a job (YNAB’s first rule!), and start to experience complete financial control over your money.

First 500 People Get a Free Book!

Start your no-cost 34-day YNAB trial, and the first 500 people will get a free hard copy of the You Need A Budget book (a $21 value).

*While supplies last, shipping limited to the U.S.

Still Not Convinced?

Listen to James Clear talk with YNAB Founder Jesse Mecham on the YNAB Podcast about the Four Rules, how to build good habits, and how to break bad ones.

Try the Clarity Money Budget Template

It’s time to break up with your spreadsheet and finally gain total control of your money.