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Need a walkthrough? We have hundreds of videos on all kinds of topics, from applying the Four Rules to the nitty gritty of transaction entry. Or, learn on your commute with our weekly YNAB podcast. Listen to Jesse explain the importance of antifragile finances, or how he teaches his kids to budget. You’re guaranteed to learn something new—and maybe even budget-changing.

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Join a free class and master the art of managing money with the help of someone who has lived it. Our expert teachers have walked the budgeting walk and they are quick to share about it!

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We never run out of things to say about managing money! We post on our blog several times per week, and every Monday we send out a roundup of our best stuff in newsletter form. Browse our blog by topic, or make your way through our library one article at a time—either way, you’re sure to pick up some new tips or gain a new perspective on common budgeting topics.

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Sometimes you just want to curl up and read everything there is to read about money. We get it! Our Guides are the long and the long of it, and these principles apply whether you use our app or not. You’ll be an expert budgeter in no time!


Questions deserve answers, and you can find the answer to just about everything finance-related in our help articles. Seriously. It’s a treasure trove of money management knowledge.

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Exhausted all other options? Just want to connect with a real, live, probably-mostly-human person? Our Support Team is happy to answer any of your budgeting questions.

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