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Introducing: You Need a Budget...For You™

Discover Your True You

You are unique: with your own dreams, goals, and priorities. But how do you create a budget that reflects the special snowflake that you are? It can take months, or even years, to uncover and add all those categories that will tickle your heartstrings and really capture a snapshot of your values. And even then, you worry you've left something out!

Well, good news! Team YNAB is pleased to announce a new feature that can help speed up the process of discovering the true you. We're pleased to announce YNAB's newest feature: You Need a Budget…For You™. Watch the video below to learn more!

Join us on this exciting journey to make your budget a reflection of who you are. We're pleased to offer you this proactive shortcut so you can capture your priorities right from the start.

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Introducing: You Need a Budget...For You™