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We're Hiring a Humbly Confident Social Media Coordinator

About Us and Why We’re Hiring

We promote “You Need a Budget,” the best budgeting software and educational resources around. (Those in the know call us YNAB, which is pronounced “why-nab.”) For more than a decade, people have been buying YNAB and then telling their friends what a difference it has made in their lives. Google us, or read some of our reviews on the app store, and you’ll see what we mean. We love sharing something that has a huge positive impact on people’s lives.

For this position, we’re looking for a social media aficionado who is enthusiastic about sharing YNAB to the far reaches of the internet. Do you have the ability to create can’t-take-my-eyes-off-it content, write enchanting copy, and coordinate/play nice with others? We’re looking for someone who screams YNAB through and through (but not like…actual screaming) and is comfortable being their delightful self in front of an audience.

Want to talk about tools and platforms? We’ve got a growing social media presence on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter—where we make budgeting fun, friendly, and accessible for the masses. Our content is organized in Notion, images are created in Canva, scheduled in Later and Agorapulse, and communicated via Slack. Not familiar with these tools yet? That’s ok! Just have an appetite for learning and that’ll take you far around here.

And that’s not all—we have big plans for our social media team, including expanding our short-form video reach, trying out some ads on SnapChat, and establishing a presence on Pinterest. Could you be the one to help us grow into these new territories?

Firm* requirements:

  • You have at least two years of social media experience. For us, this means you feel comfortable navigating different platforms, have a basic knowledge of social media algorithms, and love to create content.
  • You’re located somewhere between the Eastern Time Zone (UTC-4) and the Pacific Time Zone (UTC-8). OR, you’re willing to adjust your working hours for those time zones so that you can attend meetings with the rest of the marketing team.

*Well, firm-ish. If, for instance, you know you’re a great fit for this role but fall a little short of the two-year requirement, we encourage you to go ahead and apply. We don’t need you to be the perfect candidate on paper. (On a similar note, we know imposter syndrome can be a powerful force, and may discourage fantastic people from applying. Please apply anyway. Many of us here have it too, so you’re in good company.)

We promise to go into more detail about what you’ll be working on! But first, you need to know if you’ll even like working with us. Let’s talk a bit about life at YNAB.

We’re profitable, bootstrapped, and growing. YNAB started in 2004 and we haven’t taken any outside funding—we’re in it for the long haul. We have one overarching requirement when it comes to joining our team: our original Core Values Manifesto has to really click with you. If you’re nodding emphatically while reading it, you’ll probably really like it here, and we can’t wait to hear from you!

We live our Core Values every day at YNAB, and we mean it when we say we are an equal opportunity employer. We believe that a diversity of backgrounds, abilities, beliefs, and experiences are critical to our success, and we are passionate about creating a welcoming, supportive, and collaborative environment for all employees. All are encouraged to apply as we continue to grow a smart, hard-working, and diverse team who loves working together to build something that matters.

We also work really hard, together, to make working at YNAB an amazing experience, and we were (humbly) proud to be named Fortune’s #1 Best Small Company to Work For for the last two years. We have a team full of truly exceptional people—the kind you’ll be excited to work with. We’d love to introduce you to a few of them!

Who you’d be working with:

In this role, you’ll be collaborating regularly with creatives across our entire marketing team, and working directly with:

Veronica, Community Manager: Veronica lives in Texas with her family of five and her accident-prone-but-adorable Pointer, Jarvis (who attends most of our team meetings). When you’re around Veronica, you feel valued, heard, and right at home. You may recognize her from her appearances on Instagram Reels and Stories, and she has a hand in so much more behind the scenes. She has a pulse on our communities and loves collaborating with other marketers to make big things happen. She’s an amazing leader who encourages you to embrace your individuality and creativity and harness it for good here at YNAB.

Sarah, Social Media Manager: If you’ve scrolled through any of our social platforms, you instantly recognize Sarah’s easy going nature and comforting smile. We can’t tell you where Sarah lives because as you’re reading this, she’s exploring the country with her family in their brand new full-time camper life! Sarah is our resident expert on all things related to social media; she manages our entire social strategy and is the best sounding board for new ideas. Talking with Sarah will undoubtedly energize and inspire you to dream big when it comes to social content and the ways we can reach our YNAB communities.

Faness, Social Media Coordinator: Faness grew up in California but now lives in Columbus, OH with her family and fur baby, Loki. She manages our organization and content scheduling across all platforms, while also running our Twitter account. If you spend more than 30 seconds talking to Faness, you’ll adore her!

How You’ll Work at YNAB

Now that you’ve met some of your potential future teammates, let’s talk more about YNAB as a company. Here’s how we operate:

Live (Almost) Anywhere You Want

We’ve always been a fully remote team, and have people all over the world. For this role, though, ideally you’d be located somewhere between the Eastern Time Zone (UTC-4) and the Pacific Time Zone (UTC-8), due to the large amount of synchronous communication needed with the rest of the marketing team. If you aren’t located within those time zones, please be prepared to make your schedule work for typical “North American” work day hours. Wherever you are, just make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

No Outrageous Hours

We want everyone to have a full life outside of YNAB, and we seldom work more than 40 hours per week. There have been a few occasions where things got busy and people had to put some extra time in. But then they took some extra time off, so it all balances out. We work hard and smart, but we’re in this for the long haul.

Take Vacation (Seriously)

We want you to take vacation. In fact, we have a minimum vacation policy of three weeks per year. Five weeks feels about right (plus two extra weeks for our company-wide December break). It’s important to get plenty of downtime and get out and do something. We’ll look forward to seeing pictures of your adventures in our #office_wall Slack channel!

The YNAB Retreat

When the pandemic isn’t keeping us from traveling, we get the whole team together once a year to catch up on spreadsheets and powerpoints in a Best Western conference room. Just kidding. So far, we’ve done Costa Rica, a gigantic cabin in the mountains, a beach house in the Outer Banks, a ranch in Montana, and most recently, Laguna Beach. We work together, play together, and reinforce the bonds we’ve made as a team and company. Every year, we leave refreshed, motivated, and excited for the year ahead together.

Up Your Game

We’re serious about helping you improve your craft. We budget for it (hey-o!). Think conferences, subscriptions, books, and dedicated time away from work to learn something new… It’s really up to you and your manager. But we love to see our people growing.

U.S. or International? Great!

Our team is spread across the globe, including Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and all over the United States. We currently set up team members who live in the U.S. or U.K. as employees, and those who live in other countries as independent contractors. You’re an equal part of the team no matter where you live!

As mentioned above, we have some time zone restrictions for this role, but as long as you’re between UTC-4 and UTC-8, we’re good!


If you live in the U.S., you’ll be eligible for our health, dental, and vision insurance, where we cover 100% of the premium for you and your family. No need to check your vision, you read that right—100%. Although if you did need to check your vision, NBD, we’ve got you covered!

We also have a Traditional and Roth 401(k) option. YNAB matches your contributions up to six percent, and matches vest immediately. (Are you a personal finance junkie like our founder Jesse? He set up YNAB’s 401k to have the lowest fee structure possible, where all plan costs are paid by YNAB, not your retirement nest egg. The investment funds available are fantastic, passively-managed, ultra low-cost index funds. You’re not a PF junkie? Trust us, it’s awesome.)

We also offer generous paid parental leave for all full-time team members. (Here’s to increasing the world’s budgeters, one child at a time!)

Competitive Compensation

The starting salary range for this position is $47,000-$53,000 USD annually, depending on experience. We consider raises every year, and have a bi-annual profit-share bonus, which you’re in on from day one. YNAB wins, you win—that kind of thing.

Other Tidbits

  • Once you start, we DEMAND (in a friendly, ALL CAPS IS YELLING way) that you fill out your “Bucket List” spreadsheet with 50 items. (That’s harder than it sounds!)
  • The bucket list really helps in deciding what we should give you for your birthday and the holidays.
  • We’re all adults. There’s no need to punch a clock, or ask for permission to take off early one afternoon to go see the doctor. We look at what you accomplish, not how long you’re in front of a computer.
  • We want you firing on all cylinders so we’ll set you up with a top-of-the-line computer and phone (yes, a second phone to promote work-life balance) and will replace them regularly.
  • Did I mention we make a huge, positive difference in people’s lives? You may not think that matters much, but then a few months down the road you’ll realize it’s made your job really, really enjoyable. Don’t underestimate this one!

If this sounds like your ideal environment, read on because now we want to talk about you, and how you’ll play a big part in changing people’s lives.

Now, back to you, our new Social Media Coordinator…

You’re a social media enthusiast who is ready to focus on content and community! You’re passionate about keeping up with digital media trends and tend to be the first one to share a meme with a friend. You have experience with at least two social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

You’re comfortable on camera and are ready to roll with an explanation on Instagram Stories, a YNABer interview on Instagram Live, or a 30-second tutorial on TikTok. Hair out of place? Doesn’t matter—you know how to roll with the punches and be your authentic self, bedhead and all.

You are naturally funny and kind. You can effortlessly step into the YNAB voice and make the Internet laugh/like/share. You also have a thick skin (or are willing to develop one quickly!) to deal with backlash when your sense of humor doesn’t land right or when the trolls are out sniffing (and typing) around, which will happen from time to time.

You genuinely like, understand, and connect with people. Endless questions or feedback don’t tire you, and you love a good brainstorming sesh.

You are comfortable and confident writing copy and can step right into the YNAB voice. You already have at least a dozen new ideas for engaging memes, TikToks, or Instagram Stories.

Working alongside Veronica, Sarah, and Faness, you’ll do things like:

  • Create short form video content for Reels, TikTok, and other social media platforms.
  • Create informational, shareable, and humorous graphics in Canva for our feeds.
  • Write copy to use as captions for content.
  • Organize, schedule, and publish social media content.
  • Repurpose content from our other platforms to use on Pinterest.
  • Listen to YNABer stories and work out where and how to tell them.
  • Respond to social media comments and DMs.
  • Engage with and get a feel for the fluctuating vibes within our social media communities.
  • Collect and report on data from all of our social media platforms.
  • Consume and keep up with trending content.
  • Answer follower questions and interview YNABers on live video.

You’re our person if:

  • You are genuinely excited about all things social media.
  • You have a basic understanding of how social media algorithms work.
  • You’re a strong writer who’s comfortable writing social media copy and can step right into the YNAB voice.
  • You work well independently but also enjoy creative collaboration.
  • You feel natural on camera.
  • You are keen at picking up the nuances of what is going on around you and identifying and responding appropriately.
  • You’re comfortable with ambiguity and do well with vague directions, but aren’t afraid to ask questions.
  • You have a strong sense of humor because, well, we’re hilarious.
  • You genuinely like, understand, and connect with people.
  • You’re comfortable under pressure and negative comments just roll off your back.

How to Apply

  • Apply below by 11:59PM PST on Sunday, April 24th, 2022. Firm. It’s a real deadline. Like, after it is too late.
  • Attach a PDF of your cover letter. In your cover letter:
  • Introduce yourself and explain why this position is of interest to you, and why you would be a great fit. Please try to limit this to one page.
  • On the second page of your cover letter, please answer these questions:
  • What social media platform is your favorite? Why?
  • What is your biggest pet peeve on social media?
  • What is your favorite piece of content you created and the one that performed the best?
  • Lightning Round!
  • If YNAB started a band—what would we call it?
  • Write a YNAB-themed inspirational quote.
  • Adapt a popular meme to YNAB culture—ready go!
  • Attach a PDF resume. If you don’t have a resume because you aren’t even sure you’re looking to change jobs, that’s fine! An informal overview of your work and education history are all we’re looking for.
  • Our goal is to make the interview process as accessible as possible. If we can help you with an accessibility need during this process, please email us at and indicate the role you’re applying for in the subject line. (Please note that we can only respond to messages related to accommodations.)
  • Note: though we know it is customary in some areas, we’d prefer if you didn’t share a headshot in your application materials. Thank you!

We’re excited to hear from you!

Apply Now

P.S. We’ll send you a confirmation email once you apply. Please add that email to your safe sender list, to ensure that future emails come through. (If you don’t receive it, please check your Promotions inbox, junk folder, or any filters you may have set up.)

P.P.S. If you’re not interested in or available for this position, but know someone who is, we would really appreciate it if you passed this along!

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We're Hiring a Humbly Confident Social Media Coordinator