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The YNAB Holiday Gift Guide

A Seriously Short List of the Best Gifts in 2018

Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right gift, am I right? Well, not to worry. This year, you can skip the crowds at the mall and log out of Amazon because we’ve compiled a short, holiday gift guide that’s sure to have something on it for everyone …

See, after helping hundreds of thousands of people wrangle control of their finances—and watching them beat their debt, take epic vacations and buy their dream cars (and so much more!)—we’ve realized something, and the Grinch got it right. The best part of Christmas is far too big to fit under the tree. To paraphrase, “It comes without ribbons, and it comes without tags. It comes without packages, boxes, or bags.”

In short, it’s not about the stuff! Of course, YNABers enjoy the more tangible perks of budgeting, but the real prize is feeling the weight of financial stress lift from their shoulders. They report feeling happier and more connected to their spouses. They’re free to make choices because they’re no longer trapped, living paycheck to paycheck.

If you’re a YNABer, you know exactly the feeling I’m talking about. And, with that in mind, let us commence with the gift guide:

1. An Annual Subscription to YNAB

First on our list, is YNAB. Why not give the gift that is truly one-size-fits-all? No matter what your gift recipient’s passions or priorities may be, they can wield their YNAB subscription to give their goals a major boost. They’ll get full access to our award-winning software, our tried and true method, top-notch (super-friendly!) customer support, plus a never-ending supply of educational and inspirational resources (including our much beloved, free, online classes).

This isn’t just a software subscription—it’s a community of friendly, admittedly nerdy, budgeting fanatics. And we love to see people conquer their money obstacles.

So, how do you gift YNAB? It’s easy!

Or, if you prefer, log into your YNAB budget and, in the lower, left-hand side of the screen, click “My Account.” Then scroll down and click “Gift YNAB.”

2. See Number One

That’s it. That’s all we’ve got for you. You really can’t beat an annual subscription to YNAB!

Why clutter up your home with Yeti mugs and more flannel pajamas? If you want a gift that keeps things warm, forget beverages and bodies—go big. Warm their heart with a life that feels oh-so-good! This year, give the gift of a brand-new start. Let the coming year be all about the pursuit of stability, security and the beginnings of a debt-free future!

Happy holidays!

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The YNAB Holiday Gift Guide