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Oscar and Jamie’s Budget Routine

Jamie and Oscar had figured out their own little habits for checking the budget. But one thing was true for both of them: they checked it every day.

Oscar loved seeing the reports in the web app that showed his age of money slowwwwwly creeping up. As a true data head, he was stoked to see trends over time.

Jamie liked seeing the budget while she was out and about, and she had started to find the money first before she spent anything. During one frolic through Target (because let’s be honest, it’s always a frolic), she put a new reusable water bottle in her cart. But then she thought, wait, where would I pull this money from? Debt payment? No. Bills next month? No. Groceries? No. Movie night? No. So, she put it back. That was a surprisingly easy decision thanks to her budget!

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Oscar and Jamie’s Budget Routine