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Is YNAB Worth It? 12 Customers Weigh In

Wondering if YNAB is worth it? For some customers, there’s no price tag to put on total financial control. But if you want price tags, we’ve got ‘em.

So first:

Q: How much does YNAB cost?

A: $99/year or $14.99/month (you’ll also find this info over on our pricing page)

But let’s take a moment to compare that number with this one: on average, new budgeters save $600 their first two months, and more than $6,000 their first year. But don’t take our word for it!

My wife and I can attest to the fact that the average budgeter saves around $600 in 2 months. We did! We love everything about YNAB except that WE DIDN’T START SOONER!!!!!!!!!

-Gideon, YNAB user since 2019

Hear from YNABers in their own words (and charts) why YNAB is worth it for them.

YNAB helped dramatically increase my net worth

10 years of using YNAB: from -$20K in debt to nearly $500K in Net Worth
This is what 10 years of YNAB looks like for me. I’m posting this with numbers to aid in hope, not to brag. Educate yourself, stick to daily improvement and you will come out on top.

-Fritz, YNAB user since 2009

I’m now out of debt

Ten years seem like the far and distant future? How about this guy, who completely reversed his fortunes: going from -$40K in debt to a net worth of almost $42K in just two years?

My Net Worth Two Years of Using YNAB (Orange is Debt, Blue is Assets)
Hope on a smaller scale here!

-Luke, YNAB user since 2018

But it’s not all charts and data that tell the true story.

My finances are firmly under control

Thanks to YNAB I was able to take firm control of our finances and create (and stick to) a budget that allowed us to pay off our mortgage last month—13.5 years early! If YNAB had been around when my husband and I were first married we could have retired as millionaires ten years ago. Oh well, at least we’ll be debt free and self reliant! Thank you YNAB!!

-Julene, YNAB user since 2018

It’s cheaper than a massage

A year of YNAB costs less than a massage and is a heck of a lot better for reducing stress.

-Kat, YNAB user since 2016

I don’t have to pay overdraft fees anymore

I’m loving the app so far—paying monthly for an app like this seemed crazy before I got settled into it but now I’m not worried about money, have savings, and haven’t had an overdraft in months. I’m absolutely going to keep it going.

-Eric, 5 months into using YNAB

Now I sleep easier

We are in control of our finances in retirement. Thank you for helping me sleep easier.

-Cecilia, 1 year into using YNAB

The customer service is awesome

I have been VERY impressed by YNAB itself and also (and more importantly), the great customer service and responsiveness you exhibit. You can tell YNAB is not some big, stuffy corporation (the cute little sayings during startup, etc). YNAB actually seems to be run by and employ caring, lively human beings!

-Jamie, New YNABer

But the cost! There are free options out there!

It’s the best purchase I make

YNAB is the best purchase I make every year!!!! There simply isn’t anything else out there that compares to the level of dedication, service, education, community and authenticity that you all represent.

-Patti, YNAB user since 2007 and fangirl extraordinaire

(We <3 you too, Patti!)

But I could just make my own budget in Excel!

This is the most valuable thing I buy

If I had to rank all of my expenses, this is the number one in terms of bang for the buck.

-Jim, YNAB user since 2016

I don’t know where I’d be without YNAB

I’ve been messing around with You Need a Budget for a few days now and now I’m starting to wonder how I even managed to wipe my own butt without it.

-Kay, YNAB newbie

I’m completely sold

Even if there were a zombie apocalypse and civilization crashed and money as we know it went away entirely, I would still track my wampum or seashells or camels using YNAB.

-Erin, YNAB user since 2017

So is YNAB worth it? You decide! Sign up for a free 34-day trial today. What have you got to lose?

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