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Five Mother’s Day Gifts Under $40

Give a Budget-Friendly Gift That Shows You Care

Mothers—the biological ones and the caretakers that mother us—are amazing. They listen when we’re feeling down, encourage us to go for it, and soundly put us in our place, when necessary. Plus, they keep us from running with scissors in the early years. (I shudder to think where we’d be without them.)

So, when it comes to Mother’s Day, we can probably agree that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to find a sincere way to demonstrate our appreciation, right? If you’ve not yet scored the perfect Mother’s Day gift, then check out these five ideas—ranging from free to $40, something for every budget!


Greeting cards might seem boring, but they are ripe with possibility. Think beyond a standard, store-bought card. In fact, skip the stationary store, and stop by an art supply store. DIY is where it’s at!

Consider every detail of your card—it doesn’t have to be a rectangle folded in half. Try something unique. Does your mom love her garden? Would a fun fold make her smile? Or, maybe a collage of her favorite things?

And, don’t forget to check out the clearance area at your store for inspiration! You might even have some materials at home that you can use (foil, old magazines, wrapping paper). The most important thing, of course, is the love that you pack into the final product. Humor, optional.


If the kids in your family are still young (or the grandkids have arrived!), then this garden stone is sure to be a step in the right direction. Kids have fun creating, moms have fun admiring, and all for twenty bucks! Cement your family memories in place with this fun, sweet gift.


This solar-powered rainbow-maker might be right up mom’s alley. Every time sunlight hits the little solar panel, the colorful cogs inside begin to move and rainbows dance around the room, from the floor to the ceiling. This is an especially good gift for nature-lovers and cat-lovers—but, really, who doesn’t want more rainbows and sunshine in their life?


If you’ve got a traditional mom, then here are two traditional gift ideas: sweets and flowers.

If your mom is more likely to appreciate the gift of your company, then maybe it’s time to organize a family game night? Wits & Wagers comes highly recommended, but there are several family-oriented games under budget. (If you’ve got younger faces in the crowd, then perhaps this version.) And, swing by the store, beforehand—the remainder of your $40 is for snacks!


Don’t sweat it, if your financial priorities don’t currently accommodate gifts. I mean, kids who budget are proof that mom did good. That's gotta make her happy! Just saying. Plus, the best gift of all—it’s cheesy but true—is your company! Call, Skype or drop by for a visit and give your mom a squeeze.

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Five Mother’s Day Gifts Under $40