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Are You on the Fence About Jesse’s New Book?

Find out what early readers are saying!

So, you’ve heard the news, but you still haven’t preordered your copy of You Need A Budget, the book. Maybe you’ve been eyeing up the preorder bonuses—the all-expenses-paid trip to New York City to have lunch with Jesse and those sweet, sweet YNAB t-shirts—but you haven’t pulled the trigger, yet. Why? Well, you’re just not sure you need it (you’re on a budget, after all).

As a YNABer, what could you possibly get from reading a book about a system that you’ve already implemented and use daily? If this sounds like you, keep reading! The early reviews are in, and people are raving:

You Need A Book (Yes, You Do!)


“There are plenty of current books on budgeting, but Mecham’s work goes beyond an individual’s concerns by discussing personal finances for couples and families. Readers can benefit from a quick or leisurely read-through but may require a second or third go to fully retain and recall Mecham’s advice.” —Raymond Pun

Library Journal

“Mecham rounds out the book with specific advice regarding relational budgeting, tackling debt, staying focused, and even includes a simplified adaptation of his rules for teaching youth to budget. Readers won’t find excruciating worksheets or heavy-handed shaming advice, just relational and realistic anecdotes and encouragement, as well as actionable ideas at the end of each chapter.” —Jennifer Clifton

Publishers Weekly

“Mecham conveniently addresses readers of all ages (kids included) and family situations (single, childless couples, and couples with kids), taking care to include readers with variable incomes. Cheat-sheet reminders at the close of every chapter are especially helpful. Mecham includes illustrative stories from clients, providing an especially helpful example of one couple’s customized YNAB plan, including their spending before and after ‘budget detox’ … even readers who’ve never budgeted before will believe Mecham when he tells them, ‘You’ve got this.’ ”

Other Reviews

“When your financial planner sternly says you need a budget, it’s like a door slamming shut on a happy future. When Jesse Mecham says it, it’s like a door swinging open to a free life. He understands how financial stress feels … You’re going to love this book.” —Vicki Robin


“In You Need a Budget, Jesse Mecham gets personal ... a disarmingly casual, yet deceptively persuasive ride … ” —Peter Adeney


“Jesse Mecham finally gives budgeting a much-needed rebranding with You Need a Budget. You will learn that the true secret of using a budget is to get more out of life, not to feel restricted.” —Erin Lowry


“Jesse Mecham has achieved the impossible: a book on budgeting that is fascinating, entertaining, and practical. Read this book, follow his advice, then watch your bank account grow and your financial worries fade. Managing your money doesn’t have to be stressful. Jesse Mecham’s simple rules make it easy to get what you want most by forgoing things you won’t miss.” —Josh Kaufman


“I really enjoyed reading this book … when I first ordered it, I wondered if it had anything new to offer to the personal budgeting process, and it certainly did! … The book is full of common sense information with no preaching … Please note the book is not an advertisement for signing up with their program. The book stands on its own merits … Thank you Jesse Mecham for a well-written, SENSIBLE approach that also remains very personal to the budgeter.” —Deborah


“As someone who has had his own financial planning business, I can say that I am impressed with the innovative approach to this book. You should keep an open mind when you read it … I am confident that the approach in this book can help you wherever you are in life.” —Moderate Risk, Top 1,000 Reviewer, Vine Voice


“I was afraid that the author was going to use it to shill for his online budget program, but he really keeps mention of it to a minimum … The author does a good job of presenting budgeting in a way that addressed some of my concerns about having to do one, which was the loss of control of my own funds and basically being micromanaged by the budget. I also think the chapter on the budgeting as a couple is a good read and had a lot of good advice for couples who share their finances.” —Patrik H

The Crowd Says?
A Great Job for Your Dollars!

At YNAB, we know that you spend (very) intentionally to make your dreams come true—that’s what we’re all about! And that’s why we wouldn’t offer you a book that we didn’t wholeheartedly believe that you’ll love, no matter where you are on your financial journey.

Even if you’ve already got your money working for you on autopilot, You Need A Budget might be just the thing you need to encourage yourself during a tough month, or finally crack the code to harmonious budgeting with your significant other. It might even help you inspire your kids to save for their own futures. Yes, really!

And don’t forget your friends and family. Why not surprise them with a gift that could forever change their lives?

Preorder Now to Qualify for Bonuses

To celebrate the book release, we’re raffling away some great prizes (including lunch with Jesse) and giving away some YNAB swag (t-shirts!). To be eligible to enter, preorder your copy of You Need A Budget before December 26th. Full details are here.

And thanks for supporting YNAB!

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Are You on the Fence About Jesse’s New Book?