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Coaching Cancellation Policy

While we definitely don’t want to see you leave our coaching program, we want to be flexible with situations that might occur from time to time. With that in mind, here is how our cancellation and refund policy work for the YNAB Certified Coaching Program:

When am I Able to Cancel?

Because our coaching program runs for nine weeks and includes live training sessions as well as asynchronous work, we need to set a reasonable cut off period for cancellation/unenrollment. If you would like to cancel/unenroll, you must do so within the first two weeks from the start of your first live session or before your fifth live session. After that time, we cannot guarantee a refund.

How to Cancel/Unenroll from the Program

Email certifiedcoaching@youneedabudget stating that you would like to cancel/unenroll from the program. We will respond giving you more details on our ability to refund your program fee.

How do Refunds Work?

If you let us know that you would like to cancel within the first two weeks from the start of your first live session or before your fifth live session, we will be able to refund your paid program fee in full. We will refund the card that you used when you initially paid your program fee. It can take 5-10 business days for refunds to be applied. If you would prefer us to send you a check for your refund, you will need to give us the address where the refund check will need to be mailed. In this case, you must allow 5-10 business days to process and mail your refund check.

In the event of a cancellation/refund, all access to YNAB Certified Coaching materials and live sessions will be removed/forfeited. In most cases, though, you will be allowed to re-apply, if you wish to do so in the future. If you choose to do so, and your program fee has been refunded, you will be required to pay the program fee.